Xiaomi Redmi Note4 design in full metal body with 4100mAh battery capacity 13MP rear camera supports PDAF

In the second half of this year, it is obvious that the rhythm of the new product release conference is really fast, the dual lens Red Pro just launched in last month, and now bring the other new type which is Rdmi Note4. Today, Xiaomi Note has alternated to the forth generation, except keeps the big screen as the selling

Honor 8 Teardown Review : Shows the crafts on the dual-sided glass

Buy repairing tools : From Honor 8 released to now is more than a month, Huawei has made a lots of effort on the out-looking design, and today, I will bring the disassembly for this new phone, to look what is hidden in the dual -sided glass screen. First, takes a brief introduction, in which of this phone featured

The Mid –Range Flagship Huawei G9 Plus featured a 5.5 inches FHD negative LCD screen with Snapdragon 625 processor

Huawei Mate series has a strong performance in the high-end market, as well as the mid-range, just like Huawei G9 series as the mid-range product, which got a good praise from the users, the reason is because of the Brand Premium and the quality. However, Huawei G9 Plus is the representative of G series. Huawei G9 Plus has Officially released