Takes review on Xiaomi MIX 2: 18:9 scale design, Arc ceramic body

In Sept 11st, Xiaomi released three new products, they are Xiaomi notebook Pro, Xiaomi Note 3, and which getting focus by millions of people- Xiaomi Mix 2. Xiaomi Mix 2 uses 18:9 scale full scree design, takes hidden mode earpiece, and distance sensor, in which of the bottom shorten 12% than Xiaomi MIX, to make the front facing face -value

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Review: Dual shooting capability would be Most Surprise

In August 23, 23:00, Samsung held releasing conference in New York, officially issued the new Note series – Samsung Galaxy Note 8. In order to make you in depth acquaintance with it,now I will show more details, please look below. Full view curved screen deign   Samsung Galaxy Note 8 inherits Galaxy S8’s full view curved screen ID design, which 

How to solve the issues that mobile phone fast power consumption?

Phone fast power consumption situation and solutions 1.Phone with virtual electricity: Even the phone shows full electricity when power on, but connected charger once again which only has 80% about after power off. Android phone distinguish electricity, according to the voltage ,which the voltage with two recognition modes, one is soft recognition, showing electricity when power on, the other one