No.1 S7 Review: 1:1 Samsung Galaxy S5 clone Quad-core phone

No.1 S7 Review: 1:1 Samsung Galaxy S5 clone Quad-core phone

Not long ago, we had did a test a Samsung Galaxy S5 high clones phone—Goophone S5 Elite. Now, there is another 1:1 Galaxy S5 high clone phone review is here, which named No.1 S7, and this is a full in-depth review of No.1 S7 including design、benchmarks,camera and other contents.

No.1 S7 Review—Design

At the first glance, if we don’t look at its’ LOGO, we may think it is Samsung Galaxy S5, for it’s very similar to Galaxy S5. The front of No.1 S7 is a 5.1 inch screen, and the screen looks quite large; at the top of screen, there has a call speaker and the front camera; below the screen we find an entity Home button and two soft buttons.


Lets have a look at the sides of No.1 S7, we has noticed that a metal bezel around this phone, and there is a power key in the right side, and a volume key in the left side. As for the top/bottom of No.1 S7, we find a headphone jack on top, and a USB 3.0 port which is hidden a lid on the bottom side.

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When we turning No.1 S7 over, we could see the rear camera, the LED flash, as well as the sensor of measuring the heart rate. Besides, there also has a No.1 Logo, meanwhile, its’ shell has some pattern consisting of small dots, and it feels a bit like leather.


After removing the shell of this phone, we notice a slot of SIM card and a slot of TD card, which had located above each other. Otherwise, there also owns a battery and the actual media speaker of No.1 S7 phone.


No.1 S7 Review—Display

No.1 S7 is featuring a 5.1 inch 1280*720P HD IPS Capacitive touch screen, althought its’ screen resolution couldn’t compared with 1080P screen, the screen quality of No.1 S7 is also quite good, and sharpness、details、color reproduction and contrast—everything is quite good.

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Besides, the viewing angle of No.1 S7 is good, and the sensitivity of its’ touch screen also make us feel satisfied, we have seldom feel accuracy while playing game.


No.1 S7 Review—Performace


It’s known that No.1 phone had launched two versions of No.1 S7, one is No.1 S7 Octa-core version, another is S7 Quad-core version, and the leading role of our test is No.1 S7 Quad-core version. It packs a MTK6582 Quad-core processor ruuning at 1.3GHz along with 1G RAM and 16G ROM, certainly, its’ performance couldn’t compared with the Octa-core smartphone, its’ performance isn’t bad.

As for its’ Antutu Benchmark, No.1 S7 had reached 16704 points, which is better than other smartphone. In 3D graphics benchmark No.1 S7 reached 4475 points, and 1192 points in RAM opeeration benchmark; meanwhile, the UX Multitask benchmark also got 3304 points, and GPU interger even reached 1965 points, as well as 737 points in Storage I/O benchmark.

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Overall, the overall performance of No.1 S7 is pretty good, it could supports large apps and multitasking, and also fluently runs most games. Meanwhile, the operating system is simply a port of Android 4.2.2 which was running soomthly during our test.


No.1 S7 Review—Features


During our test, the reception quality of No.1 S7 is quite good, and it owns a good performance in 2G/3G network runs, meanwhile, we had no signal losses all the time during calls, certainly, its’ WI-FI reception functions is also quite powerful, and running flawing all the time, as well as its’ GPS function, which also owns a good performance.

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More importantly, No.1 S7 also providing Heart Rate and Eyerecognition functions, which is rare in other smartphones, and you could test the rate of your heart. Besides, S7 still owns Air Gesture and other sensors functions, such as light、acceleration、proximity sensors.

No.1 S7 Review—Battery

In addition, No.1 S7 is also including a 2600mAh battery, which could be changed, and its’ battery had reached average battery performance, which could surpass 50% other devices. In normal condition, it could runs 1~2 days.


No.1 S7 Review—Camera

As for No.1 S7 camera functions, it’s powerful. No.1 S7 has equipped with 5.0MP front/16.0MP rear dual camera with LED flashflight, so we could shooting the HD quality photos. Certainly, the video recording function is also pretty good, and its’ recording quality is good.


Final Conclude:

No.1 S7 is the lastest No.1 flagship product, Although compared with the Octa-core version, the specs of No.1 S7 Quad-core version isn’t a little slowly, but it’s also owns several special functions, such as heart rate、Air Gesture and Eyerecognition , As we test the Air gesture funtion is sensensitive.Beside these,No.1 S7 also has a USB 3.0 Plug that reduce the charging time and improve the transfer files.No.1 S7 smartphone still has an afforable price. Overall, No.1 S7 is a pretty good smartphone.


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