VOTO X6 Review: A 5.5 inch 1080P Screen Octa-core Smartphone with Android 4.4 OS KitKat

VOTO X6 Review: A 5.5 inch 1080P Screen Octa-core Smartphone with Android 4.4 OS KitKat

VOTO phone is a China&Korea Joint Venture, which mainly focus on social smartphone, and it had launched a series of social smartphones, such as VOTO X2/V5. Now, VOTO phone had brought its’ first Octa-core social smartphone—VOTO X6, and it’s also the leading role of this testing, meanwhile, thanks for our sponsor Vifocal offers a X6 real phone to us. Now, let us have a full review of this phone:

Voto X6 Video Review

VOTO X6 Review—Unboxing



1x VOTO X6 Phone
1 x 2300mAh Battery
1 x USB Cable
1 x Charger
1 x Warranty Card

VOTO X6 Review—Design


This time, our sponsor androidcarts has providing a VOTO X6 full black version to us, the whole phone looks quite good. First, in the front of the VOTO X6 is a 5.5 inch screen, and above the screen is the front camera/indicator light and the call speaker; then, below the screen, there has three touch buttons—Return/Home/Function button.


When looking from the sides of the Voto X6 phone, we could find that the bezel of X6 is made of metal materials, and its’ design is very simple. In the right side of the phone, we do find the Power button and the Volume key. Meanwhile, at the top/bottom of the phone, we also do notice the Headphone Jack and the USB Port.


When turning the VOTO X6 around, we could see VOTO X6 has adopted the popular clone leather shell design, and there also has the rear camera、the flashlight and VOTO Logo in the back of the phone. Besides, after removing the shell, we do find a large white battery, above the battery is three card slots–one SD card slot/two SIM card slots, and below the battery is a Media speaker.


VOTO X6 Review—Display

As for the screen aspect, the specs of VOTO X6 is rather well. VOTO X6 is featuring a 5.5 inch IPS screen, and the resolution is 1920*1080 pixel. During the testing, the display quality is quite good, and its’ color rendering is also good. In addition, X6 also adopts Corning Gorilla Glass and GFF techology.


VOTO X6 Review—Performance

As the first Octa-core product of VOTO phone, the performance of VOTO X6 will also make you satisfied. Like most other Octa-core phones, X6 runs 1.7GHz MTK MT6592 Octa-core processor, and owns 2G RAM/32G ROM, so it could fluently support large mobile phone, meanwhile, X6 also support TF Card up to 32GB extended.


Certainly, during our testing, we also made the Antutu Score Benchmark testing for VOTO X6 phone, and VOTO X6 phone had reached 26182 points, it is a rather good score, which could surpass HTC ONE phone and Galaxy S4(Octa). Besides, the General performance of X6 may also surpass 95% other devices.


VOTO X6 Review—Feature/Battery/Camera

  1. Android 4.4 KiaKat

Except the lastest MTK Program, VOTO X6 had also adopted the lastest Android System, it runs Android 4.4 KitKat OS. Until now, there are a small number of mobile phones had adopted Android 4.4 KitKat.


  1. GPS Function Testing

During the testing, we had also tested the GPS function of the VOTO X6 phone, through the GPS Testing Plus app, we could search 15 Satellites in a short time, and there has 6 satellites can be used.


  1. OTG Function

It’s pity that the VOTO X6 phone couldn’t support NFC function, however, X6 is still could support OTG function, so it’s also could exchange datas with other different devices.


  1. Battery

This time, the VOTO X6 phone has offering a 2300mAh battery, if you want a large battery phone, VOTO X6 may let you down. Besides, in normal condition, VOTO X6 could support 2~3 days standby time, meanwhile, X6 could change the battery, you may take one or two backup battery.


  1. Camera Function

Certainly, the camera function of VOTO X6 is also quite good, it had equipped with 8.0MP front/13.0MP rear dual camera with flashlight and auto focus, meanwhile, it’s also support panorama、multi angle view、voice capture、gesture capture and other capture mode. During our testing, we had taken some photos by VOTO X6, the photo quality is good, and the photo looks clear.

VOTO_X6_030 VOTO_X6_031

VOTO_X6_028 VOTO_X6_029


In my opinion, VOTO X6 could considered as a good Octa-core android phone, it owns mainstream specs and good appearance, then, it’s also adopt 1080P screen, third, X6 runs the lastest Android 4.4 KitKat. However, it’s pity that X6 has no NFC function, and the battery capacity is a bit low, besides, the price of VOTO X6 is a little expensive, it will cost $239.99 usd in our sponsor Vifocal.

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Kevin is a mobile Engineer, He currently uses the VIVO XPLAY as his primary device.

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Kevin is a mobile Engineer, He currently uses the VIVO XPLAY as his primary device.

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