Discovery V6 Review:Cheapest Dual Core IP68 Dustproof Waterproof Shockproof Smartphone

Discovery V6 Review:Cheapest Dual Core IP68 Dustproof Waterproof Shockproof Smartphone

We have wrote a lot a reviews on rugged smartphones,such as Runbo Q5,Runbo X6,Discovery A129W and so on.We now have another rugged smartphone Discovery V6 here at Etkchina for testing.Compare with Runbo X6,Discovery V6 is much smaller and comfortable for  hand-hold.The price shuld also much cheaper than Runbo X6.If you are interesting this phone,please keep read below.First let we have a look with the Video Review.

Discovery V6 Video Review

Discovery V6 Unboxing


Pacakge Include:

1 x 2800mAh Battery
1 x Earphone
1 x USB Cable
1 x Charger
1 x User Manual

Discovery V6 Design

Let’s have a look at Discovery V6 design,this time we got a full black colour of this device.To be honest, the color of the device suits the phone nicely.


On the front of the phone,there are two sensor and a camera on the call speaker’s left.Then we find a logo “Discovery” on the front of the touch screen.Below the screen are of course the usual touch buttons.Below the touch buttons it write”H2O Submersible”.Around the screen it covered with silicon rubber.

discovery_v6_33 discovery_v6_12 discovery_v6_11 discovery_v6_9

When we look the side of Discovery v6,we find the desire looks like the car’s tyre.V6’s side is still very sample,volume keys and switch keys are on the left and right.The 3.5 MM headphone plug is on the top of the phone and the UBS charger is at the button of the phone.All of the switches are sealed in order to anti water and dust.

Let we turn around of the phone.

discovery_v6_2 discovery_v6_4 discovery_v6_5 discovery_v6_6 discovery_v6_8 discovery_v6_10

There is a camera with flashlight building in the phone’s right.the loud speaker is on the left.Then we will found a battery back covery it has wrote IP68.that’s means the protect is high to IP68 version.It has  a “Land Rover” logo on the back of the battery covery too.After we remove the battery covery we can see there is a rubber embrace the cover to keep from the water .There are three slot in the phone,two sim slot and 1 TF card slot.that’s means the phone can support dual sim and extrenal sd card.

Discovery V6 Screen

discovery_v6_16 discovery_v6_20discovery_v6_18 discovery_v6_14

Discovery V6 smartphone has a 4.0 inch 800*480 screen,the Resolution is very lower.As a rugged phone,it is useless to have high resolution screen.The screen is a little dark and not clear when i put the phone unders the sunshine.The second is the phone’s icon,becasue of Discovery V6 only has a 4.0 inch  so the phone’s icon is smaller and not easy to touch.

Discovery V6 Configures and Benchmarks

As same as Discovery A129W,Discovery V6 still using MTK6572 dual core processor with a 4.0 inch 800 x 480 pixels screen.The RAM and ROM is 512M /4G.It has dual camera and both has 5.0M pixel .We use Antutu to test V6.The benchmark is 11038

discovery_v6_15discovery_v6_32 discovery_v6_31 discovery_v6_30 discovery_v6_29 discovery_v6_27

From the Antutu test,we have to say the configures is regular .Dual Core processor run with android 4.2 OS .

Discovery V6 Battery and other main function test

1.)One of the most import things is the phone’s battery.It has a 2800Mah battery .it  can work for 2-3days easily for a 4.0inch scren with Resolution   800 x 480 pixels .


2.)GPS Test

I am very said to tell you Discovery V6 won’t support GPS .When i install the GPS Tester apps and try to open the GPS function but it doesn’t have that menu to chose.



V6 has a 5.0M pixel camera and i take some pictures in the daylight it is a little dark.The flash light seems useless when you take photos in the dark place.


As we can see the pictures the phone resilient look about it .The phone also sealed very the waterproof ,shockproof and dustproof function is very nice.

Final Conclusion

As a rugged smartphone,Discovery V5’s configures and function isn’t excelent.Becasue of the main function such as GPS,walkie-talkie are don’t building in.For this phone we can only use as a common rugged phone.But V6 reduce these functions and the price also reduce .On Vifocal it only sell at $97.99 if you are interesting you can buy it here.

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Kitty is a technology engineer and she is also an professional editor of Etkchina, like to find new and valued products which made in China, give the guide to who like them.

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Kitty is a technology engineer and she is also an professional editor of Etkchina, like to find new and valued products which made in China, give the guide to who like them.

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