Kingelon A968 Review–Xiaomi Redmi Note Clone With Quad-core Android 4.4 Kitkat OS 3G Smartphone

Kingelon A968 Review–Xiaomi Redmi Note Clone With Quad-core Android 4.4 Kitkat OS 3G Smartphone

In 16th March, Xiaomi phone had launched a cheap Octa-core smartphone–Xiaomi Redmi Note, owing to its’ cheap price and good specs, Redmi Note had won most people’s favor. Recently, Kingelon phone had announced an Redmi Note high clone phone–Kingelon A968, which also owns a cheap price, and it runs the lastest Android 4.4 OS. This time, our sponsor  has provided a Kingelon A968 real phone to us for testing. Now, let us have a look:

Kingelon A968 Video Review

Kingelon A968 Review–Unboxing



1 x Kingelon A968 phone
2 x 4000mAh Battery
1 x USB Cable
1 x Charger
1 x Earphone
1 x User Manual

Kingelon A968 Review–Design


At the first glance, we may mistake Kingelon A968 as Redmi Note, for they own the very similar appearance. First, in the front of A968 phone is a 5.5 inch screen, above the screen is the front camera and the caller speaker; then, below the screen, there has three touch buttons–Home/Menu/Back button, and it only visible while being lit up.

Kingelon_A968_019 Kingelon_A968_020

Kingelon_A968_022 Kingelon_A968_026

While looking sides of the phone, we could find that the bezel design of Kingelon A968 phone is quite simple, and it only has a power key on the right side, meanwhile, there has a Volume button on the left side. Besides, at the top of the phone, we do notice the USB Port and the Headphone Jack.

Kingelon_A968_08 Kingelon_A968_09

Kingelon_A968_011 Kingelon_A968_017

When turning the phone around, we do find the white plastic shell of A968 phone, at the top of the back cover, there has the rear camera and the flashlight, otherwise, next to the rear camera, we could see the media speaker. Then, removing the shell of the phone, we also find a large battery, certainly, there also owns three card slots which above the battery, and it means that Kingelon A968 could support dual card dual standby.


Kingelon A968 Review–Screen

Like Xiaomi Redmi Note, Kingelon A968 still also providing a 5.5 inch IPS screen, however, its’ resolution is only 960*540 pixel, its’ display may not better than Redmi Note. In addition, Kingelon A968 also adopts OGS techology, and the touch panel works well.

Kingelon_A968_016 Kingelon_A968_018Kingelon_A968_014 Kingelon_A968_01

Kingelon A968 Review—Performance

Certainly, compared with Xiaomi Redmi Note, the specs of Kingelon A968 phone isn’t quite good, it’s featuring a 1.3GHz MTK6582 Quad-core processor, not MTK6592 Octa-core program. Meanwhile, it’s also providing 1G RAM/4G ROM, which also could support TF card up to 32G extended.

Kingelon_A968_012 Kingelon_A968_04Kingelon_A968_03 Kingelon_A968_07

In addition, in order to understand the performance of Kingelon A968 phone, we had made an Antutu score benchmark for A968 phone. During the testing, Kingelon A968 phone had reached 17897 points, which is better than Redmi phone and Nexus 4 phone. For our daily life, Kingelon A968 phone works no problem, and it’s also could support large apps and most games.

Kingelon_A968_06 Kingelon_A968_010

Kingelon A968 Review—Features/Battery/Camera

  1. Android 4.4 Kitkat OS

Recently, more and more smartphones had adopted the lastest Android 4.4 Kitkat OS, certainly, Kingelon A968 phone is no exception, it’s also run Android 4.4 Kitkat, and this Android OS looks rather good.


  1. GPS Function Testing

GPS Navigation is an useful function in our daily life, so we also tested the GPS function of Kinglon A968 phone. During our testing, we could search12 satellites in a few seconds, and 9 satellites could in use.

Kingelon_A968_02 Kingelon_A968_05

  1. Battery

If you want to a large battery smartphone, Kingelon A968 may not let you down, for it’s providing a 4000mAh battery, which is very amazing. Certainly, if you still worry about the battery problem, Kinglon A968 also could change the battery, you can consider prepare a backup battery.

Kingelon_A968_021 Kingelon_A968_023

  1. Camera Function

In the Antutu score benchmark datas, it shows Kingelon A968 owns 8.0MP+18.0MP dual camera, however, in fact, it only providing 5.0MP front+8.0MP rear dual camera, the photos may look not quite good. In addition, it’s also support HDR、Face Detection、Voice shot and other capture mode. Cetainly, during the testing, we also captured several photos by Kingelon A968 phone:

Kingelon_A968_029 Kingelon_A968_030

Kingelon_A968_027 Kingelon_A968_031


Certainly, compared with Redmi Note, the specs of Kingelon A968 isn’t good, its’ resolution isn’t high, and A968 hasn’t adopted MTK6592 Octa-core program, meanwhile, the camera pixel of Kingelon A968 isn’t good. However, Kingelon A968 could consider as an rather good Redmi Note clone phone, it not only runs Android 4.4 OS, but it also has a cheap price, which is only cost $96.99 usd on our sponsor Vifocal.

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