The comparative review between IUNI U3 and XIAOMI MI 4

The comparative review between IUNI U3 and XIAOMI MI 4

IUNI is famous for a promising e-commerce smartphone brand,on 2nd of September,IUNI launches the latest flagship product IUNI U3.IUNI U3 provides the flagship level specs,however the price is RMB2000.Mobile phone enthusiasts cannot control their  feelings to compare IUNI U3 with XIAOMI MI 4.XIAOMI also owns affordable price but high -level smartphones .Now we are going to talk about the some important details and differences between IUNI U3 and XIAOMI MI 4.111213394147-1
First of all.we get a glimpse of  contrast in specs.

IUNI U3 adopts the 2k JDI screen,but XIAOMI MI 4  is featured with 1080P  JDI screen.To some degree, 2k JDI screen will provide better sense perception to enjoy movie and video.From the pictures,we don not find the obvious gaps.Meanwhile,another featured difference is that the ROM ofIUNI U3 is 32G,compared with MI 4’16G ROM.

As for the processor,IUNI U3 equipped with Snapdragon 801 8974AA quad core processor to ensure the need of battery.XIAOMI MI 4 employed Snapdragon 8974AC processor.


appearance design
IUNI U3 and XIAOMI MI 4 also make so obvious changes in appearance design.IUNI U3 and XIAOMI MI4 own the metal frame.The back cover,IUNI U3 provides Natoco polycarbonate instead of Austenitic 304.The delicated texture  permits MI4 to have a better touching feeling. However,IUNI U3 adopts the curver design,so that it seems to have thinner feeling.



Personal,ibelieve IUNI OS and  MIUI 6share some same functions.The belief of IUNI OS is simple and  comprehensive list of functions.There are also some especial functions such as the time lock screen and Initials global search.Besides,Voice assistant, software stores and  harassment to intercept are added to perfect IUNI OS.




MIUI 6 can meet individual requirements and bring the unity of feeling.From the feedback,some users don not think high of MIUI 6,it need to be updated.

Camera , battery and Network
Although they own 13MP SNOY camera,there are some gaps.Compared with IUNI U2,IUNI U3 equipped with OIS and measuring the light function to improve the quality of photos.When MIUI 6 completing focus  and  touch the focusing ,it can take photos instead of avoiding  readjustment gestures to press the shutter button.



We can find the details by the pictures.IUNI U3  seems to have a better perform.



IUNI U3 can support the 4G technology and owns the 3000mha battery.It is sure that  eight hours standby at night costs less of 3% power.XIAOMI MI4 is not a 4G smartphone and is featured with 3080mha battery and quick charge technology ,more important,eight hours standby at night  do not cost power.
We take all factors into considerations , IUNI U3  could be regarded as the better choice.We expect IUNI U3 will bring much surprises.

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