No.1 N3 Rom V1.0 Download

No.1 N3 Rom V1.0 Download

More and more people want to Root their android phones,becasue after root the phone,they will have rights to delete the useless apps and can make the phone run more quickly.But after Root the phone the problem is also coming.becasue of some people may delete some of the files and make the phone system won’t run smoothly.So we got a lot of message and ask me to get the original No.1 N3 Rom from No.1 Phone Company. Here is the Orignal Rom for you to download.

Flash tool download, click Here    Password:0ab3

No.1 N3 Rom V1.0,Clink Here Password:fae1

What’s more, this article about MTK CPU phones Flash ROM Oerating Instructions for your reference:

1. This method is suitable for most MTK Android phones, there will be special circumstances.

2. Please confirm the ROM is suitble for your phone.

3. Flash ROM have risk of your phone.

4. Sometimes the computer is missing android usb drive or pop INF Install invalid information, such as encountered situation, install write-yard drive in the android cdc and usbser.sys, then install the USB VCOM

5. Because my computer can not using with English, so Screenshot are Chinese, i think you can understand it.


1. Flash Tool. This tool is commonly used in most MTK Android phones, of course, some phones need to use special tools optimized.

2. Install the driver.

  I can supply a Driver for all MTK phones, please download it

  Flash tool download, click Here

  Method of install driver(Only first time need install):

(1)The phone battery (enough power) to allocate again into the phone

(2)Phone connected to the computer via USB cable, your computer lower right corner will pop up Found New Hardware Tips: MT65XX Preloader, or go to the computer device manager to find driving tips like picture below


(3)As shown in the installation interface into the driver


Click Install the software automatically (if not installed automatically, manually select USB VCOM)


After installation is complete, the interface as shown in the following figure appears,      click Cancel to skip, and then point to complete


(4)Part of the PC driver installation interface will continue to pop up, as shown below, click Finish to install the software automatically


Start reflash the ROM

1. Open the Flash Tool as picture below:


2. Enter the following interface


After entering, click on the menu bar options option in the pull-down menu on the check the USB Mode

3.Click Scatter-loading, select the desired package, the package is txt file




4.Click Firmware→Upgrate,then connect your phone to the computer(Keep the phone off the power). Start running until the progress bar below appears OK interface, the upgrade is complete.


   I also make a video of how to reflash the ROM, Please see in in our Youtube.




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Jean has been working as a journalist online and in print since he arrived at China in 2010. After graduating, he took a blogging job at the International Business Times and quickly dove into tech journalism

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