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The latest Lenovo business phone -Lenovo P70 leaked with 4G lTE 13MP camera

Recently,lenovo latest model is Lenovo P70,which belongs obviously to P serise and buisness phone. It seems to be more appropriate that phone is featured with business fashion instead of market.According

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The World’s First Dual 1080p Screen Smartphone: Gionee W900 Will be Soon Released

Chinese domestic smartphones are getting more and more awesome. The new smartphone of Gionne-W900 has passed the test of MIIT and sucessfully got the network access license. It will possibly

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A Fine Match!!! ZTE V5 Max Challenges Redmi Note 4G Review

Xiaomi Redmi Note 4G and ZTE V5 Max are relatively popular smartphones this year, owing to their affordable price and super large-screen design,making them play an important role on large-screen

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ThL 4000 Review—A Cheap MTK6582M Quad-core Android 4.4 Smartphone with 4000mAh Battery/4.7 inch Screen

Several months ago, ThL phone had released two large battery smartphones—ThL 4400 and ThL 5000, especially ThL 5000, except the large battery, it’s also including Octa-core processor/5.0 inch 1080P Screen

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The top 20 China’s smartphones:XIAOMIMI4 is champion

With the development of China’s smartphone ,there are some promising brands such as XIAOMI ,MEIZU ,OPPO.Recently,Foreign technology media Phone Arena claims that the ranking of  top 20 China’s smartphone is

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How to sloved black screen of Cubot S208 LCD Screen after replacement

Some customers complaint and said their cubot S208 lcd screen was broken but after they buy a new screen and fix it the screen show black or  the touch screen

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Dual Array cameras ! Huawei Honor 6 plus surpass Iphone

Recently,there are a lot of  rumors of  Huawei Honor 6 plus,such as specs, price,cameras.The latest new is Huawei Honor 6 plus will be featured with dual Array cameras,which could be

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Xiaomi phone upgrade Android 5.0 time leaked!

Yesterday Xiaomi released its Redmi Note phone in India,then the company’s global vice president Hugo Barra media interview also revealed some very useful information.Hugo Barra emphasized that xiaomi phone will