JBL OnePlus one customised version E+ earphone review

JBL OnePlus one customised version E+ earphone review

As we all know, Headphone is an essential part of mobile phone,however,at present ,allowing for the cost and the effect of sound qulity,many phone manufacturers have choosen not to supply a pair of earphones for their phone buyers, because many manufacturers think the bad headphones will have negative effect on their reputation.


Now,we will introduce a new chinese phone brand,oneplus,this phone is familiar to us.Not long ago, oneplus phone released its own earphones called the “Silver Bullt”,and priced at only 99RMB($16.13),as expected,this kind of headset is famous for its high cost performance,it not only has an affordable price ,but also owns a good sound qulity.


In order to provide a more perfect headset, OnePlus has teamed up with JBL in releasing a special version of the OnePlus One,and with a pair of red E+ earphones.

What is JBL?

JBL is the world’s largest professional speaker manufacturer ,from the raw material development ,the design and production of speaker unit, the design and production of speakers everything can totally control in their own hands.Other than that, JBL speakers have a very wide range of service areas,including cinema, large-scale touring,recording studio monitoring,as well as entertainment such as the discos,dance halls,karaoke OK,a bar, etc.


JBL ever released the representation of the product

Such as JBL OnBeat Xtreme , JBL On Beat, JBL On Air Wireless, JBL ON STAGE IV, JBL TMG series of headphones,and so on.


A quick skim through the pictures,you will find the packaging box of E+ is a very interesting transparent plastic box,in addition ,coupled with red and white two color collocation,looking quite beautiful, and at first glance can recognize this is oneplus series of products.


Besides ,from the pictures to see, except the packaging box of the JBL E+, it also includes earphones, manual and ear pluhs.


In the design,E+ headphones still adopts oneplus phone mass-tone attune,red,which looks quite striking.

As for E+ earphones main material,in addition to the outermost layer of JBL logo adopts metal materials,the rest of material is plastic.While interestingly,the design of the metal frame uses special growth ring design ,looking very comfortable.


The design of the angle of the Catheter did not use the conventional design,but with the design of 75°angle,compared with the ordinary headphones,this design is less likely to fall off when you listen to music at the time of daily.


In addition, regarding E+ headphone earplugs,it is said that the earplugs have a good qulity, and it would be quite comfortable to wear.


Otherwise,it can be seen from the pictures that E+ headphone wire adopts noodle-style design, but the width is slightly narrow and does not like Beats’s noddle series so thick,the benefits of this design is not easy winding,more importanly,it looks quite strong.


Meanwhile, E+ headphone wire control area adopts a cylinder design,and there are three keys on the cylinder, including two volume buttons and one function key,according the the previous testing,the feedback intensity of the three buttons is very good.


Finally,it uses a L shape of headphone tail plug,in this way, it can effectively protect our headset and phone.


As for the sound qulity

Using the E+ headset to listen music,first of all, you will find that its resolving power is very good,and can distinguish a variety of instruments.More importantly,it can also maintain a very pure sound,which makes you listen very comfortable.


In conclusion

In the overall appearance design ,E+ not only inherits JBL qulity,but also makes oneplus phone more unique.

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