ZTE V5 Max pk ZTE V5S ,which one suits you ?

ZTE V5 Max pk ZTE V5S ,which one suits you ?

ZTE V5 Max  and ZTE V5S are the latest ZTE product,which are designed for cost-effective device market.When you want to  make a choice between  ZTE V5 Max  and ZTE V5S , there are  not some obvious difference except  price and screen.However,we are providing much important details of contrast to help you pick up the one suited you .11111111111
ZTE V5 Max pk ZTE V5S -appearance style

In view of the front design,ZTE V5S seems to be a mini vesrsion of ZTE V5 Max.They share Inverted trapezoidal speaker with inside Black metal dustproof net  ,three virtual keys .But ZTE V5 Max ’front camera and sensor are on the right instead of ZTE V5S’s left design.

To adapt to 5.5 inch screen,ZTE V5 Max  adopts Cant corner and looks rather fashion.Besides,it is convenient ZTE V5 Max ’s volume key and power key are on the right. However,ZTE V5S owns square body and  volume key and power key are  separated on both sides.Next, ZTE V5 Max is featured with DGS material ,ZTE V5S adopts delicated Nitzschia particle.

ZTE V5 Max pk ZTE V5S-perform

ZTE V5 Max and ZTE V5S are equipped with 64 bit Snapdragon 410 quad core processor and the resolution of screen is 1280*720.The only difference is 2GRAM  and 1G RAM.From  Geekbench 3.0 CPU and  3D Mark ICE Storm ExtremeGPU testing,RAM does not make obvious influence on CPU testing.64 bit Snapdragon 410 is designed for the low end market and provide 4G LTE Cat4 chip.ZTE V5 Max’s 2G RAm is dominant one in the relationship.

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ZTE V5 Max pk ZTE V5S-featured function
1:3D big game
ZTE V5 Max can work well and owns high quality pictures,however, ZTE V5S ‘s data load can not catch up with big games.

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2: heating test
When ZTE V5 Max  and ZTE V5S are working for 12 minutes, we are going to heating test. ZTE V5S is 38.9℃ and ZTE V5 Max 35℃.

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3: display
ZTE V5 Max  and ZTE V5S are featured with OGS and 1280*720 resolution. ZTE V5 Max  adopts 5.5 inch screen and ZTE V5S owns 5.0 inch screen.More importantly,ZTE customizes three screen models for ZTE V5 Max  and ZTE V5S.

ZTE V5 Max pk ZTE V5S-UI
ZTE V5 Max pk ZTE V5S are featured with the latest nubia UI 2.5 and gesture  functions.ZTE V5 Max is added some samll icons .ZTE V5S provide simple UI and looks much comfortable.Gesture  functions consists of Double-click to wake up screen  and palm lock screen.

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ZTE V5 Max pk ZTEV5s -Summary
According to the all details,ZTE V5 Max  and ZTE V5S owns unconspicuous difference.The screen size and RAM will not make vital influence on the phone operation.Meanwhile,the price is also similar.So they are cost effective product.

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You can buy ZTE V5 Max:http://vifocal.com/zte-v5-max-smartphone-4g-lte-qualcomm-401-quad-core-5-5-inch-hd-screen.html

You can buy ZTE V5s:http://vifocal.com/zte-v5s-smartphone-4g-lte-qualcomm-410-nubia-os-5-0-inch-720p-screen.html

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