A Fine Match!!! ZTE V5 Max Challenges Redmi Note 4G Review

A Fine Match!!! ZTE V5 Max Challenges Redmi Note 4G Review

Xiaomi Redmi Note 4G and ZTE V5 Max are relatively popular smartphones this year, owing to their affordable price and super large-screen design,making them play an important role on large-screen phone market.In addition ,for Redmi Note 4G, it is an upgraded version of the Redmi Note,due to its new added 4G LTE support, which lets it become an exciting product.While the latest launching ZTE V5 Max is ZTE latest flagship phone,the same high cost-performance phone,and owns many impressive features. Now ,we will make a review for the two hot phones.


Specifications Information

ZTE V5 Max hardware information: ZTE V5 Max adopts 5.5 inch IPS display screen,and with resolution of 1280*720p,and that, it can support OGS single glass screen lamination technology, the display effect is very remarkable.Besides, the phone is also provided with 1.2GHz qualcomm snapdragon 401 quad-core 64-bit processor,and GPU is Adreno 306,meanwhile, it is also equipped with 2GB RAM and 16GB ROM,and can smoothly run nubia UI 2.5,which is based on Android 4.4 OS.Not only this, in the back of the phone,ZTE V5 Max carries a 13.0MP main camera , with LED flashlight ,and its corresponding 5.0MP BSI front camera.Moreover, the phone also supports dual 4G LTE network.

Redmi Note 4G hardware information: Redmi Note 4G also owns a 5.5 inch screen,its resolution is 1280*720p.At the same time,it provided with a built-in Qualcomm snapdragon 400 quad-core processor,and clocked at 1.6GHz,in addition , it also comes with a 2GB RAM and 8GB ROM,and runs MIUI V5.0 OS,which is based on Android 4.4 OS.Redmi Note 4G adopts dual camera design,the front camera is 5.0mp ,and the rear camera is 13.0mp. As a 4G smartphone, Redmi Note 4G can support TD-LTE WCDMA 4G network.

First of all, a quick skim through the appearance of the two phones,in the aspect of size, they are almost the same dimension,the same adopted 5.5-inch screen ZTE V5 Max and Redmi Note 4G are almost all the same in the frame and screen proportion.But in the Smart Wake status,the design feeling of ZTE V5 Max is stronger.the black screen panel and black screen highly integrated,ZTE V5 Max perfectly shows off with the aesthetic concept of Smart Wake.By contrast, although after Redmi Note 4G lights the screen, the display effect is good,but after smart wake,its screen and panel can still be make out.


In the front of phone ( left: Redmi Note 4G 、right: ZTE V5 Max )


In the front of phone ( right: Redmi Note 4G 、left: ZTE V5 Max )

Above the screen, two phones adopt relative traditional design, the same caller speaker +the front camera +sensors,but it is worth mentioning that ZTE V5 Max adds more delicate design,while Redmi Note 4G looks relatively simple.



In the front of phone ( right: Redmi Note 4G 、left: ZTE V5 Max )

In the bottom of the phone,two phones uses touch buttons design,although they adopt traditional Android key design,but apart from the rounded Home button,ZTE V5 Max’s Back and Menu button is to allow users to set.For these people who are accustomed to one hand to use phone,it seems to be more humanized.While Redmi Note 4G is to fix the order of the keys,not free to change.


In the front of phone ( right: Redmi Note 4G 、left: ZTE V5 Max )

Allowing for the cost factor,two phones still adopt common black and white match,but in the rear cover design, the white back cover of V5 Max looks more natural,in addition,the processing of matte also let V5 Max have an excellent skid resistance,at the same time not easily infected with fingerprint.The difference is Redmi Note 4G adopts the bright surface treatment,moreover, coupled with its baking varnish design,making it become “fingerprint collector”,meanwhile,in terms of skid resistance, Redmi Note 4G is also slightly inferior to ZTE V5 Max.


In the back of the phone (left: Redmi Note 4G 、right : ZTE V5 Max)


When turning the phone around, we could see the main camera of the two phones,in the rear camera design, two phones are very similar,the main camera are placed on the upper position of the back cover of the two phones,and below the camera, there is still a LED flashlight.For ZTE V5 Max, below the main camera, there is a noise reduction microphone.While at the bottom of the back cover of the phone,ZTE V5 Max adopts double speakers design,but Redmi Note 4G only owns a single speaker.

Besides, looking at the sides of the phone,we will find that the Volume and Power buttons of two phones are at the right of phone,and in terms of hand feeling ,two phones are very excellent.but in the aspect of match colors, ZTE V5 Max seems to be more successful tham Redmi Note 4G,and looks also more comfortable.

At the top/bottom of the phone,two phones adopt very common design,at the top ,there are a 3.5mm Headphone Jack and Redmi Note 4G’s noise reduction microphone is also at the top of phone,likewise, at the bottom,we could see Micro USB port and the caller speaker.

In conclusion, from the appearance design,ZTE V5 Max is better than Redmi Note 4G,although the two phones are the new product of 2014,but Redmi Note 4G seems to be still slightly inferior.On the details of product design,ZTE V5 Max did very well in many aspects.

As we already mentioned, ZTE V5 Max is equipped with nubia UI 2.5 , while Redmi Note 4G adopts our familiar MIUI V5 OS.Now, we will compare this two system:

Unlock interface (left : ZTE V5 Max 、 right: Redmi Note 4G)


System desktop(left : ZTE V5 Max 、 right: Redmi Note 4G)

3104780269 4034367390

File (left : ZTE V5 Max 、 right: Redmi Note 4G)


Generally speaking,on the system, two phones are based on Android of secondary development,they belong to Android system.By contrast, due to MIUI V5 develops relatively earlier,therefore, from the overall performance,MIUI V5 seems to be more mature than nubia UI 2.5.But nubia UI2.5 is also a very gorgeous customized system,flat style and nubia elements show its good performance.

It is well-known to all that the perfect and fluent system depends on the hardware configuration of the phone,so let’s take a look at the two phones hardware specification.

ZTE V5 Max: Qualcomm snapdragon 401 quad-core 64-bit processor, with a main frequency of 1.2GHz, 2GB RAM+16GB ROM.

Redmi Note 4G: Qualcomm snapdragon 400 quad-core processor,and clocked at 1.6GHz, 2GB RAM +8GB ROM.

Aututu Score Benchmark comparison (left : ZTE V5 Max 、 right: Redmi Note 4G)

4037090175 3406664123

Aututu Score Benchmark is a run points of software ,and designed for Android phones,tablets.It can run full test projects,through memory performance ,CPU performance,2D/3D drawing performance , database I/O 、SD card read and write speed and so on many performance tests,and to grade our phone performance .

VELLAMO testing (left : ZTE V5 Max 、 right: Redmi Note 4G)

Vellamo is a testing software and similar to Neocore,it can test the performance and stability of phone browser, including Java performance, rendering ,networking, and users interface,etc.Through the Vellamo testing, we will know how the performance of phone browser,the higher scores suggests that the degree of the optimization of phone browser is higher, the web browsing experience is better.

NenaMark 2: ZTE V5 Max


NenaMark 2: Redmi Note 4G

NenaMark 2 is a graphics performance testing tool,and also designed for Android phone.

The performance Summary

Through this testing,we will find ZTE V5 Max scores is slightly lower than Redmi Note 4G,but ZTE V5 Max adopted 64-bit processor can have a bigger development space in the furture.Although the points is low, but in our actual use,the performance of the two phones is almost the same.

Finally , in the aspect of camera function, ZTE V5 Max and Redmi Note 4G are equipped with 5.0MP front camera and 13.0mp rear camera.Although in the parameter, the two phones are the same, but ZTE V5 Max camera adopts nubia unique NeoVision technology,thus, its camera feature is stronger.

Pictures comparison: (left : ZTE V5 Max 、 right: Redmi Note 4G)

3222524313 4850409298 3710370261 3710578524

4068055851 3432584041 2746132280 31337834323716635714 2728584285

Through the contrast, we will find that the two phones owns quite excellent camera features, but in terms of the color performance ,ZTE V5 Max is obiously more real than Redmi Note 4G.

In conclusion

ZTE V5 Max and Redmi Note 4G are quite attractive smartphones,in price ,they are tha same 999 yuan, through the testing,we can easily find that ZTE V5 Max in multiple aspects,such as product design,system and camera function,is better than Redmi Note 4G.

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