Qualcomm snapdragon 615 octa-core processor!! Lenovo VIBE X2 Pro Review

Qualcomm snapdragon 615 octa-core processor!! Lenovo VIBE X2 Pro Review

As everyone knows,at the eve of the international CES2015 exhibition,Lenovo had released this new phone——VIBE X2 Pro.As an upgraded version of Lenovo X2, the new VIBE X2 Pro on the screen,camera,processor and other aspects have some improvements.Now,let us share the testing experience of VIBE X2 Pro.

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First of all, in the aspect of appearance design,Lenovo VIBE X2 Pro inherits the design style of VIBE X2, using the Layer design,the body adopts three layers combination,which looks gorgeous and chic,and greatly increases the identification of the product. While the body lines are clean and clear, making it be full of fashionable modern breath.But in terms of hand feeling, compared with excessive fruity arc edge of phone, VIBE X2 Pro is slightly inferior.



Besides, differing from the previous VIBE X2, the upgraded version of VIBE X2 Pro has a larger screen, it uses 5.3-inch display screen, compared to 5.0-inch VIBE X2 , its screen view is more spacious.But it is worth mentioning that its resolution is still 1080p(1080*1920 pixels) FHD mid- and high-end level,and it is also IPS screen, the display effect is quite clear and natural.


Meanwhile, in the front of the phone, we can still see three touch capacitive buttons,(as showns in the picture),the keys respone is also relatively sensitive,combining with 5.3-inch large touch screen can complete multiple operations.


Coming to the back of the phone, it still retains the design style of X2,simple and exquisite,meanwhile ,it is also not easy to be tainted with fingerprint ,to some extent, it ensures the body clean.Besides, it need be pointed out that in order to cooperate with exclusive accessories,the back of the phone also reserved three metal touch spots, slightly unique, as shown in the above.


It is worth mentioning that as an upgraded version, Lenovo VIBE X2 Pro not only comes with 13.0MP rear camera with LED flashlight, Meanwhile the front-facing camera also upgraded to 13.0MP, which is also a big shining point of the VIBE X2 Pro ,in terms of camera feature, it is quite excellent.


Furthermore, VIBE X2 Pro body still uses one-piece design,the back cover can’t remove,while the SIM card slot is placed at the side of phone.Surprisingly, its battery capacity is larger than X2, it is 2410mAh.


Compared with VIBE X2, the new phone another big innovation is its processor.the VIBE X2 Pro is provided with a 64-bit qualcomm snapdragon 615 octa-core processor,which is the same as our familiar HTC Desire 820, there are 2GB ram and 32GB rom,according to the show-experience, the interface slip is relatively natural and fluent.

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As for the operation system, Lenovo VIBE X2 Pro still runs based on Androind 4.4 deeply customized VIBE UI 2.0 ,the interface looks fresh and gorgeous,and due to increasing variety of characteristic functions, making the testing experience of the phone more convenient.




As with most lenovo phones, VIBE X2 Pro also owns the the eggplant fast pass, tracel congruent and our familiar lenovo phone apps, which not only bring convenience for daily use, and can  also partly eliminate safe hidden trouble on the phone.



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