Detailed Performance Comparison between Xiaomi Redmi 2A’s Leadcore LC1860C and Redmi 2’s Snapdragon 401, Which One is More Powerful?

Detailed Performance Comparison between Xiaomi Redmi 2A’s Leadcore LC1860C and Redmi 2’s Snapdragon 401, Which One is More Powerful?

On March 31st afternoon, Xiaomi released a 4G phone Redmi 2A which can be regarded as the customized version Redmi 2. Except that the Soc has been changed from Qualcomm into Leadcore, the rest remained the same. Still 720p screen and 1GB RAM+8GB ROM. As for the price, Xiami refreshed the record. It costs 599 Yuan only and 499 Yuan for the first release.Redmi 2A

Redmi 2A uses the Leadcore LC1860C quad core processor, made by the Chinese CPU vendor Leadcore. So how does this chipset perfor? Let’s check out through detailed comparison.

The Redmi 2 before chose the Snapdragon 410 processor from Qualcomm, while Redmi 2A has the Leadcore LC1860C quad core processor. Snapdragon 410 is 4-Core 64bit Cortex-A53, 1.2GHz, while Leadcore LC1860C is 4-Core 32bit Cortex A7, 1.5GHz. Both of them employed 28nm technology. Technically, A53 is better than A7, more powerful performance and low power-consumption. But the test result comes from the same frequence, which is under 1.2GHz. However, compared with the 1.5GHz A7 processor from Leadcore, it’s hard to tell which one excels.


In addition to the different processor, the GPU is very different as well. Because of adopting Snapdragon 410, Redmi 2 directly used the Adreno 306 GPU from Qualcomm. The Redmi 2A runs Leadcore applied Mali T-628MP2. This Mali GPU is very familiar for those who know much about mobile phone hardware. Huawei Honor 6/6 Plus and Meizu MX4 Pro all took Mali T628, Honor chose T628MP4 and Meizu chose Mali T628MP6. The number behind MP stands for the number of cores.

What about the performance of this Mali GPU? Let’s check the data from the authority graphics running score app GFXBench below. Under the same 1080p resolution, Adreno 330>Mali T628MP6>Mali T628MP4. Adreno 330 is the one in Qualcomm Snapdragon 801, Xiaomi 4, Find 7 and other flagship devices from last year all used it.


The T628MP2 GPU in Redmi 2A is the same model of Honor and Meizu MX4, but the number cores has decreased to two. While the performance is not bad either, under 720p resolution, the performance of graphics is a lot improved than the Adreno 306 from Xiaomi Redmi 2.



Seemiling, the performance of this processor from Leadcore is very close to the Qualcomm Snapdragon. GPU performance is improved a little. But to the advantages Qualcomm Snapdragon’s full modes, entir platform and strong optimization, Leadcore is just with the very close running performance, the rest aspects are a lot worse. For instance, the same 28nm technology, Snapdragon 801 used the latest technology, while Leadcore not. Moreover, the optimization is also a key factor that affects the user experience in the long term. However, the price differenc is reflected in the advertising that always evades the crucial point.

Certaily, it is very commendable for Redmi 2A to be priced at 599 Yuan. It is a rather affordable proce already. But if you don’t mind more extra money, we suggest you go with Xiaomi Redmi 2. The performance and user experience is much more guaranteed.


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