The real machine comparison between Redmi Note 2 and Meizu MX5: With a “Meizu MX5” look , and priced at 799 yuan

The real machine comparison between Redmi Note 2 and Meizu MX5: With a “Meizu MX5” look , and priced at 799 yuan

With the approaching of release date, the Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 was recently frequently leaked on the internet. Several days ago, there are users on the microblogging exposed the real machine comparison images between the Redmi Note 2 and Meizu MX5, and shows that the back panel design of the device is very similar to MX5, and also adopts metal body and fingerprint scanner function. It is expected that it is very likely to be launched in the Q3 of this year.16-150FG05R2145
From the comparison picture between Redmi Note 2 and Meizu MX5, the two phones on the back panel design are very similar, the edge of the phones adopt the same curved design, even the camera design also looks exactly the same . The difference is that the Redmi Note 2’s double-color temperature LED flash is transverse, and the fingerprint sensor is set at the back of the fuselage, the bottom is loaded with separate speakers.
It is worth mentioning that the appearance of Redmi Note 2 is exactly the same with the previous leaked Redmi flagship, so if no accident, it should be Xiaomi newest flagship device, codename as H3Z, namely Redmi Note 2 enhanced version. In terms of configuration, the two phones have some difference, and its enhanced version price is higher.
Of course, Redmi Note 2 series could also adopt the same appearance, and through the differences on the configuration to reflect the distinction between them, such as using Qualcomm processor, or larger memory and so on. Thus this leaked Xiaomi new phone may be Redmi Note 2. According to @Upleaks reveals, the phone will adopt metal body, and boast 5.5-inch 1080p screen, at the same time, it is also equipped with MT6795 octa-core processor, and runs based on Android 5.0 OS custom-made MIUI V6 interface, supporting double netcom and infrared remote control functions.

Moreover, Redmi Note 2 is also provided with 5.0MP front+13.0MP main camera, and will use Samsung sensor. There are 2GB RAM+16GB ROM. However, unfortunately, the new phone do not add quick charge technology, to some extent, it shows that Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 is targeted at low-end market.
At present, there are two Xiaomi new phones through the 3C certification, their models are 2015051 and 2015051.According to @Upleaks reveals, these two new phones are Redmi Note 2 series.
But according to previous leaked information, Redmi Note 2 will probably be launched in July, but it is reported that Xiaomi will take the lead in releasing the H3Y new phone, while the H3Z may be launched later. As for the price, there are users on the microblogging declared “ 799yuan of fingerprint scanner mobile phone on the road”, which seems to imply that Redmi Note 2 will come with fingerprint scanner , and priced at 799 RMB.

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