The contrast of one-thousand-yuan phones: Meizu M2 Note Vs Redmi Note 2 Vs Smartisan U1 , which one is better?

The contrast of one-thousand-yuan phones: Meizu M2 Note Vs Redmi Note 2 Vs Smartisan U1 , which one is better?

More and more manufacturers now enter into the one-thousand-yuan phone market, while with the release of Smartisan U1, making one-thousand-yuan phone market more chaotic, at present, Meizu M2 Note, Redmi Note2 and Smartisan U1 in the one-thousand-yuan phone market all have quite good cost performance, then who will be the king of one-thousand-yuan phones ?3444840082

  1. Price

From the price to analyze, Meizu M2 Note and Redmi Note2 are priced at 799 yuan, compared to the starting price of 899 yuan Smartisan U1, they are cheaper.

  1. Hardware Configuration

First of all, let’s take a look at the differences of three phones hardware configuration.

On the configuration, three phones on the processor are different, although currently one-thousand-yuan phone configuration is slightly inferior to flagship phones, but in terms of performance , they are enough to meet the daily needs of users. On the configuration, three phones on the processor are different, Xiaomi Redmi Note2 uses the currently Mediatek’s best CPU, compared to Meizu M2 Note’s MTK6753 and Smartisan U1’s Snapdragon 615, Xiaomi Redmi Note is slightly better. In the aspect of ROM, Smartisan U1 32GB initial configuration is superior to other two phones, of course, if you are worried about the battery life problem, 3100mAh Meizu M2 Note can obviously maintain a longer standby time compared to Redmi Note2 and Smartisan U1.



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  1. Appearance

Of course, from the appearance to see, the three phones have their own characteristics, but in terms of design style and innovation, Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 is apparently not as good as Meizu M2 Note and Smartisan U1, this is because Meizu M2 Note and Smartisan U1 have their own design language, thus making them look more unique and stylish. But for Meizu M2 Note and Smartisan U1, which one will be better, maybe different people have different views. But if the Smartisan U1 have more replaceable back cover, it may be more popular.


  1. Slogan

The slogan of the three companies is surprisingly coincident, although not completely the same, but they all can be summed up in one word, for young people in school, my phone is best. This three phones are designed for the students in school, the price is quite affordable, thus we believe that they should be quite popular with students.



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From the above analysis to see, the three phones each have their own advantages, but the advantage is not obvious, recently the fame of Smartisan U1 is quite high, and very difficult to buy it. While Meizu M2 Note is more right for artistic youth, the price is also more appropriate, and now in stock. Finally, Redmi Note 2 is obviously the choice of the science men, moderate appearance plus with MIUI, if want to buy, then you can easily grab.

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