Tip: How to pick the best tempered glass screen protector for your smartphone

Tip: How to pick the best tempered glass screen protector for your smartphone

When finally getting your new smartphone, what needs to be done first? We bet most of you will first get a screen protector to protect your phone. Right, this is really important for smartphone protection.

As for screen protector is essential for smartphone or not, the opinions vary from person to person. Most people think that the smartphones today mostly claim to use Corning Gorilla Glass Screen with excellent hardness, anti-scratch and anti-abrasion. It doesn’t really necessary to get a screen protector.


However, as a matter of fact, what scratch the screen of our phone are not always keys, scissors, knives or other edge tools, but the really hard silicide that floating in air, scattering on the table, bag and pocket, for instance, dust and sand.

tempered glass screen protector

The hardness of this matter is close to diamond. It makes no efforts for it to scratch the screen, especially when wiping the screen of the smartphone, that’s how those tiny scratches come from.


The damage of the phone’s screen may also caused by the crash of freely falling body. Needless to say, no one would ever want a cracked screen on the phone.

So, if you are not too rich to waste that money for another new one. It is necessary to get a screen protector to protect your phone.


Currently, the hottest screen protector is the tempered glass screen protector. It is mainly because it can protect our smartphones very well to keep it from being cracked.

A tempered glass screen protector is made by sticking a glass film and a static cling film together with glue. While suffering pressure or crash, the glass film will first take tensile force to sacrifice itself. And the pieces of the glass film will be glued on the static cling film without hurting people.


The tempered glass screen protector earlier was a little thicker, around 0.5-0.3mm, somewhat bulky when using. And now, the best tempered glass screen protector on the market is 0.2-0.15mm. The balance between the thickness and hardness is the best.


Another point is the radian. There are mainly three kinds on the market now, straight edge, curved edge 2.5C and curved edge 2.5D. The curved edge is more laminating that the straight edge, round and it does not hurt your hand. The craftsmanship of 2.5D is better than 2.5C.

In addition, a quality tempered glass screen protector has a plating nano coating, will effectively prevent fingerprints. It is very smooth as well and there is halo in the light.


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