Xiaomi Mi4c Review: The origin of “Android Little Prince”

Xiaomi Mi4c Review: The origin of “Android Little Prince”

Xiaomi recently released its new flagship Xiaomi Mi4c in Beijing, at the launch event, LeiJun evaluated this new phone as “Android Little Prince”, one of the reasons is that Xiaomi Mi4c did not carry large-size screen , but choose a 5.0-inch screen.
After the conference, Xiaomi official said that, for Xiaomi Mi4c’s model meaning, Xiaomi company did not have a strict definition, you can understand “C” as a color, as the name implies, Xiaomi Mi4c is equipped with five kinds of shell colors to choose from; or , you can think of another phone, Xiaomi Mi4i. In fact, Xiaomi Mi4c is exactly Xiaomi Mi4i domestic version mainly targeted at the Indian market, if understood from this perspective, we can say that “i” , on behalf of India, then c should be the representative of the “China”.055d0d55841d504
Another reason that known as “ Android Little Prince” is that Xiaomi Mi4c looks quite impressive: Snapdragon 808 processor, 2GB RA+16GB ROM (low version)/3GB RAM+32GB ROM(high version), 13.0MP back camera +5.0MP front camera, 3080mAh large Lithium-ion battery, it can be seen from the configuration, Xiaomi Mi4c is a good flagship device. So how are the specific performance? Let’s a look now!
Appearance: Anti-oil treatment, Non-stick fingerprints
When you first see the phone, you may be sure that Xiaomi Mi4c is exactly Xiaomi Mi4i domestic version, both are almost identical in the aspect of appearance design, only has a subtle difference in the interface section.

For example, Xiaomi Mi4i uses our common Micro USB interface, while Xiaomi Mi4c uses USB Type-C interface, when connected to the data cable, it is reversible, not only convenient, but also reduce the failure rate of the data interface. LeiJun said that in order to this interface, Xiaomi company invested a lot of money and energy.

Colorful is also one of the most impressive highlights of Xiaomi Mi4c, this time, Xiaomi Mi4c provides yellow, white, blue , gray and pink five kinds of colors to choose from.We got the blue version, feeling relatively fresh.
We have just mentioned, Xiaomi Mi4c does not use a large screen design, but “go against the tide” to choose a 5-inch IPS screen with a resolution of 1080p, equipped with sunshine screen technology, it can achieve more vivid effect under the high light environment, especially when the user single-handed operation, the hand feeling is obvious better. But frankly, when watching the video, or playing the game, the 5.0-inch screen’s visual effect is definitely not as good as the mainstream large screen.

The hand feeling has become a primary demand of appearance design. Although Xiaomi Mi4c uses a plastic body design, but in terms of workmanship , it is quite exquisite. Xiaomi Mi4c adopts a polycarbonate back shell, and uses a matte processing, spraying craftsmanship is quite homogeneous and delicate, in addition, the back cover also uses anti-oil treatment, quite non-slip , more importantly, you do not have to worry about stained fingerprints.


Xiaomi Mi4c uses an ultra-narrow frame design, another interesting design is Xiaomi Mi4c battery, it is not previously traditional rectangular design, but uses a irregular shape , it not only can maximize to use the internal space of phone, but also improve the battery life.
Function configuration and System: Faster and More power saving
Xiaomi Mi4c is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 processor, there are two versions optional, the low version with 2GB RAM+16GB ROM, high version: 3GB RAM+32GB ROM, of course, their price is also quite affordable, Xiaomi Mi4c is priced at 1299 yuan/1499 yuan.

In terms of performance, Xiaomi Mi4c is also quite good. When using it to play the games, we did not find that its running existed any Caton phenomenon, the overall operation is quite smooth, at the same time, after running for some time, also has not heating phenomenon.


As for function highlights, Xiaomi Mi4c is loaded with edge touch function, when using the phones, users use a finger to gently double-tap the screen frame, then you can return the global menu, while under the camera mode, click phone border, can act as the shutter button, very convenient.
System-wise, LeiJun said that in order to let Xiaomi Mi4c comes into the market as soon as possible, so Xiaomi Mi4c was pre-installed MIUI 6 system, if the user wants to experience MIUI 7 in advance, can voluntarily brush on MIUI 7 Beta version. We get a review phone preloaded with MIUI 7 Developer Edition, compared with MIUI 6, MIUI 7 is not only faster and more power saving, but also has some other features.
In fact, MIUI 7’s overall UI changes are not very obvious , but the built-in features have changes, which need to users to savor.
Camera: Real Color reproduction/ Good noise control
Xiaomi Mi4c uses 13.0MP back +5.0MP front camera combination, and equipped with Sony IMX258 sensor, and support PDFA focusing. (As shown below)

We can see through the above photo samples, Xiaomi Mi4c color reproduction is very good, when in the outdoor, Xiaomi Mi4c has a good tolerance. And in low light conditions indoors, Xiaomi Mi4c noise control may also be satisfactory.
Review Summary: it deserves the title of “The Little Prince”
During the testing, Xiaomi Mi4c’s overall performance is still very satisfactory, and we think it completely deserves the title of “The Little Prince”, although not “Emperor”, but in terms of hand feeling, performance and battery life and other aspects are quite outstanding, especially the “heteromorphism” battery and edge touch and other detailed and functions added,it is no doubt to better enhance the user experience, while the sale price of 1299 yuan, also continued the Xiaomi products have always a good cost performace.

Xiaomi Mi4c’s direct competitors are these models priced at about 1000~1500 yuan, such as Coolpad X7, from the present situation, Xiaomi Mi4c is more right for advocating cost-performance users.

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