Metal Flagship Xiaomi Mi 4 vs Android Prince Xiaomi Mi 4C: Which one is more worth buying?

Metal Flagship Xiaomi Mi 4 vs Android Prince Xiaomi Mi 4C: Which one is more worth buying?

At the end of last month, Xiaomi released the new Xiaomi Mi 4C which is a small screen flagship. What worth noticing is that Xiaomi Mi 4 is still in stock on their official site and the price did not drop a little. They both have a 5.0 inch screen and Xiaomi Mi 4 was also featuring the excellent grip feeling. For the time being, it is a tough call for people to choose the last flagship Xiaomi Mi 4 or the new Android Prince Xiaomi Mi 4C. Today, we will make a comparison between them and show you which one is worth choosing.Xiaomi Mi 4 vs Mi 4C


On appearance, they have totally the different design style. Xiaomi Mi 4 uses metal frame. Although it was the first time that Xiaomi phone uses metal material, it turned out to ve very outstanding with excellent texture and the painting did not peel off after a long time of use. Together with curved back cover. The phone fits your palm very well when holding in hand. The 5.0 inch screen brings a nature feeling when using.

Xiaomi Mi 4 vs Mi 4C

Xiaomi Mi 4 vs Mi 4C Xiaomi Mi 4 vs Mi 4C

While Xiaomi Mi 4C uses polycarbonate unibody design, similar to the iPhone 5C. But the handset is with a matte finish. It has stylish multi-color back covers, the whole phone looks so adorable. The Xiaomi Mi 4C with a white back cover in hand did not turn scratched or dirty after a week of use. So its back cover has very nice hardness.

Xiaomi Mi 4 vs Mi 4C

In terms of craftsmanship, both phones are pretty excellent. There is barely no seam between the frame and the screen. But the button of the Xiaomi Mi 4C in our hand is seriously loose, which seems hard to press. The same problem also appeared on the power button of Xiaomi Mi 4, but that is much better. So we think the craftsmanship of Mi 4C needs to be improved.

Generally speaking, both Xiaomi Mi 4 and Xiaomi Mi 4C are very good-looking. Xiaomi Mi 4 is better on texture, using feeling and appearance with metal frame. In addition, Xiaomi Mi 4 also seems to have better craftsmanship. So on appearance, Xiaomi Mi 4 has more prominent performance.


Their prices are close as well, both around 1500 Yuan. Xiaomi Mi 4 runs Snapdragon 801 processor with Quad core Krait 400 CPU, the speed of single core is up to 2.5GHz. This processor was widely used on flagship devices last year, providing excellent performance on both heating and performance. It scores 44503 on AnTuTu Benchmark.

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Xiaomi Mi 4C runs the more powerful Snapdragon 808 processor, a Hexa core processor which consists of 2xCortex A57+4xCortex-A53, taking performance and battery life into consideration. The inbuilt GPU is Adreno 418, performs very well on graphic computing. The flagship this year including LG G4, Moto X Style and so on used this processor. It scores 46884 on AnTuTu.

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From the scores above, Xiaomi Mi 4C is just around 2000 more than Mi 4, they actually at the same level. In actual use, their performance is basically the same, both are very smooth. But what worth mentioning is, Snapdragon 808 is no that mature as Snapdragon 801. Many softwares are not optimized yet against Snapdragon 808. So it may occur that the Snapdragon 808 would not run some games smoothly. While this is not the result of the performance, but the optimization.

On the whole, the performances of Xiaomi Mi 4 and Mi 4C are at the same level. But the incomplete optimizatin may make the actual experience of Xiaomi Mi 4C worse than Xiaomi Mi 4 currently. Of couse, Snapdragon 808 is advantageous on specification, so its performance is better than Snapdragon 801 theoretically. It may need some time for its ability to be discovered.


Xiaomi released MIUI 7 in August, but both Xiaomi Mi 4C and Mi 4 are pre-installed with MIUI 6. They will be able to be updated to the newest MIUI 7 version. MIUI is an excellent customized system based on Android and it is also regarded as the best system of Chinese. After rooted on MIUI 7, their experiences are nearly the same.

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While, we have to let you know the playability of the system. Xiaomi Mi 4 has been released for more than year. And during this period, many systems are compatible with Mi 4, including the Win 10 and the newest Android 6.0. If you are an expert of smartphone systems, it is no doubt that Xiaomi Mi 4 suits you more.



Xiaomi Mi 4 and Mi 4C have a 13MP main camera. But the front camera is different, Mi 4 has a 8MP front camera, while Xiaomi Mi 4C has a 5MP camera. The detailed imaging performance of the main cameras are the same. But Xiaomi Mi 4 has a more powerful front camera. Both of their front cameras support 36 levels smart beautify.


Although both of them are 13MP, the shooting experiences are different. An excellent shooting experience always brings more beautiful pictures. Here, the PDAF technology of Xiaomi Mi 4C is quite stunning. Its focus speed is as fast as 0.1 second and the actual experience is nice as well. Xiaomi official claimed that Mi 4 has a focus speed of 0.3 second. On focus speed, Mi 4 is less impressive.


USB Port: Xiaomi Mi 4 uses the ordinary Micor USB Port, while Xiaomi Mi 4C uses USB Type-C port. Although the USB Type-C Port is not widely used currently, it is the trend of the future.

Edge Touch: Xiaomi Mi 4C this time put in the Edge Touch function. Double click the edge to back, single click to take pictures while shooting. Now, only Nubia Z9 supports such function. But it will cause maloperation easily, so it is not that practical.

Through the comparison above, we believe you will know Xiaomi Mi 4 and Mi 4C well now. Although Xiaomi Mi 4C is a new product, known as 5.0 inch small screen flagship, but is is not actually a standard flagship device. On the whole, Xiaomi Mi 4 is more excellent on appearance and texture, while Xiaomi Mi 4C supports full global network. Their performances are very close. If you did not get the chance to buy Mi 4C, Mi 4 is really a nice choice.


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