Meizu Blue Charm Metal Review: A Helio X10 Fingerprint ID Metal Flagship Smartphone in Budget Disguise

Meizu Blue Charm Metal Review: A Helio X10 Fingerprint ID Metal Flagship Smartphone in Budget Disguise

Speaking of mid-range smartphones before, what we care more were the price and configuration. However, as more and more brands started to conquer the mid-range market with low price and powerful configuration, we can actually distinguish their difference from price and configuration. Mid-range smartphones need new changes. During this process, many brands fell behind while some new brands grow rapidly, like Meizu’s Blue Charm.

Meizu Blue Charm Metal

There are 2 important points make Blue Charm which just debuted at the end of the year before rise rapidly, craftsmanship and design. Still remember when the first product of Blue Charm Meizu M1 Note was released, its unibody design same as the iPhone 5C made it quickly stand out from the crowd and started the era in which mid-range smartphones feature good-looking appearance. Just like What Meizu CEO said, budget smartphones can also have exquisite design.

Meizu Blue Charm Metal

Counting in the Meizu Blue Charm Metal released yesterday, Blue Charm has 5 members till now in 10 months, quite fruitful. The new member Meizu Blue Charm Metal features trendy metal design. The configuration that only used on flagship devices all appear on Meizu Blue Charm Metal, including metal body, 2.5D glass, Fingerprint ID and so on. Their existence improves Blue Charm’s style and also makes devices like Xiaomi Mi 4C ashamed.

If Meizu did not get the publicity that this is a mid-range smartphone, we believe most of you would think it is the improved version of Meizu MX5 on first sight. Because they do look alike on the front. Meizu Blue Charm Metal also uses the white panel that rarely seen on mid-range smartphones. White panel is very demanding on craftsmanship, uneven spray painting will easily make the color ugly. That is why most mid-range smartphones make their front panels black.

Meizu Blue Charm Metal

Meizu Blue Charm Metal takes 5.5 inch 1080p Full-HD LTPS screen, the visual effect it brings is no worse than MX4. The screen has very large viewing angle, offering excellent display. The 2.5D Glass not even used on MX5 is equipped on Meizu Blue Charm Metal. It is all recognized that the experience 2.5D Glass offers is pretty good. Plus the well processed screen black trimming and the real ultra- narrow frame, Meizu Blue Charm Metal has already achieved Mid/High-end flagship level.

Meizu Blue Charm Metal

The new mBack design has already become the new mark of Meizu and Blue Charm phones. The combination of touch and press allow users to complete most operations without moving the thumb, the using experience is great. Meizu Blue Charm Metal is also the first Blue Charm phone to support Fingeprint ID function. It uses the FPC1155 Fingerprint Sensor same as the MX5, so on experience, it remains the same as MX5.

The back is the main difference between Meizu Blue Charm Metal and Meizu MX5. Meizu Metal uses the same unibody design like Meizu M1 Note, and it is unibody metal design. The spray paiting covers the cold texture of metal material, touchs more exquisite and also helpful to make it colorful.

Meizu Blue Charm Metal Meizu Blue Charm Metal

The layout of the side buttons and ports is totally the same as MX5, in accord with most users’ using habits. Meanwhile, the curved design of the edges is just fine, very comfortable to hold with one hand.

Meizu Blue Charm Metal Meizu Blue Charm Metal

At the launch event of Meizu Pro 5, we have witnessed the Flyme 5 OS. Meizu executive’s comment to the new system is more exquisite, more friendly, more powerful and more reliable. Meizu Blue Charm Metal runs the newest Flyme 5.1 OS, powered by YunOS, more secure.

The changes of Flyme 5.1 are great. In order to satisfy millions of users’ using habits, it used the Material Design that we are familiar with. This change may be a pity to old Flyme users. But for new users, it is easier to adjust to.

9 10

The changes of UI did not change Meizu’s seek of simple and humanized to system. For instance, if there is call coming in when users are browsing the website or playing games, the old way to remind before is directly log out the website or game interface, the experience is not good. Now, Flyme 5.1 simply pops up a reminder on top of the screen, more convenient and humanized.

11 12

The screen-split function is quite easy to launch and it is very suitable for large screen smartphones like Meizu Metal, it allows users to make full use of the hardware. Many Apps would support screen-split function.

13 14

The improvement on security is the great  improvement of Flyme 5.1 powered by YunOS. The new phone manager also supports pay security, in addition to many daily functions. When users pay through the phone, the system would automatically enter secure pay mode, fully guarantee the security of users’ money.

15 16 17 18

App clear and phone finding are also very practical functions, they can lower the risks of downloading copycat Apps from unidentified sources. When your phone is lost, the system can permanently lock and hide all your data, better protect your privacy.

19 20

Of couse, this improvments are just some of Flyme 5.1’s 1000 optimizations.

Since it is just a mid-range smartphone, Meizu Blue Charm Metal’s camera configuration is less powerful than Meizu MX5. Its 5.0MP front-facing camera supports F2.0 aperture and Smart Beautify. The 13.0MP main camera supports F2.2 aperture, 5P lens and PDAF technology. This is also the first time the Blue Charm phone supports PDAF.

Meizu Blue Charm Metal

The camera interface is different, it discarded the swiping switch shooting mode and uses the centralized type we all familiar with. On function, it increased slow motion, GIF, Voice shooting. Voice shooting makes it easier for use to take selfies.

22 23

The proofs below are taken in a gloomy day. Even under low light condition, Meizu Blue Charm Metal also remains good quality, it can excellently reproduce the details and color of the objects. The Bokeh effect is obvious as well. Especially the PDAF technology which makes Meizu Blue Charm Metal focus and image in just one second.

24 25 26 27 28 29

Meizu Blue Charm Metal uses 64bit Helio X10 MT6795M octa core processor with 2GB RAM and 16GB ROM. The configuration is pretty good, even comparing with the Meizu MX5, it is just a litte weak.

30 31

It scores more than 50000 on AnTuTu Benchmark. The performance on CPU and 3D photopraghing is extermely nice. The configuration is totally enough to play FHD video and run large games.

32 33

On abttery life, Meizu Blue Charm Metal has a 3140mAh battery. It will support a whole day’s battery life easily if you use it constantly, while it is also be able to last for 2 days if not. What ashamed is Meizu Metal does not offer Quick Charge function. The mCharge technology MX5 has really impress us a lot.

34 35

Meizu Blue Charm Metal

Summary: From the product lines of all Meizu phones on sale, Blue Charm is targeted at mid-range market. The release of Meizu Bluc Charm Metal makes their product lines more complete. What Meizu uses to make an attractive device is to adopt the elements from the high-end flagships on its mid-range device, like unibody metal design, 2.5D glass and Fingerprint ID. What Meizu wants to express is mid-range smartphone can also be flagship. Although both Meizu Blue Charm Metal and Meizu MX5 use Helio X10 processor, the performance of MT6795T on MX5 is more powerful than MT6795M on Blue Charm Metal. Meanwhile Meizu MX5’s cameras are more excellent and it also supports Quick Charge. The highlight of Meizu Blue Charm Metal is design, it is a better mid-range smartphone with some high-end flagship features.


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