Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Review: Does the first Fingerprint ID Xiaomi smartphone meet all your expectations?

Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Review: Does the first Fingerprint ID Xiaomi smartphone meet all your expectations?

Xiaomi released the new Redmi Note 3 yesterday after in Beijing, which uses full metal body design with Fingerprint ID and 4000mAh battery. The price tag of 899 Yuan undoubtedly makes the device super affordable. But comparing with the industry in October when the market was bombarded by a number of mid-range Fingerprint ID smartphones, this product from Xiaomi seems to come a little bit late. Redmi series has been regarded as mid-ranger killer before. Is the Redmi Note 3 able to win the competition and meet all your expectations? Today, we will walk you through this review and unveil the answers.

 Redmi Note 3

At first, let’s see the basic specifications of Redmi Note 3. It takes 5.5 inch 1080p display, runs Helio X10 processor, packs 5.0MP front camera+13.0MP rear camera, provides 4000mAh battery and supports Fingerprint ID function. It’s enhanced version offers 3GB RAM and 32GB ROM internal storage, but does not support expansion.

 Redmi Note 3

More and more manufacturers started to release mid-range smartphones, like LeTV Le 1S and Meizu Blue Charm Metal that are competitive products and also obtained very excellent sales achievement. Recently, metal body+Fingerprint ID smartphones are quite popular. As the pioneer of mid-range market, Xiaomi hadn’t released such device untiol the Redmi Note 3.

This new product has been exposed earlier before, but people all toughht it was Redmi Note 2 Pro. Looking from Redmi Note 3 itself, its details on configuration are very close to Redmi Note 2, but their appearances are totally different styles, Meanwhile, the battery capacity is also upgraded to 4000mAh. So, it is an excellent update on the whole.

Redmi Note 3 has 3 colors altogether, Grey, Silver and Golden. The Grey version has the Black front panel, Silver version has the White front panel and Golden version has the Golden panel. Generally speaking, the Grey one looks more comfortable, the Silver one has better metallic texture on the back and the Golden one is more stylish. After experiencing for some time, the phone offers quite outstanding feelings to touch. The one we got here is the Grey version.

 Redmi Note 3

Redmi Note 3 uses a 5.5 inch screen on the front, while the screen is black, it perfectly combines with the front panel into one. Above the screen, there are the Earpiece, Light/Distance Sensor, 5.0MP front camera and a small light. The opening for the sensor is pretty tiny, you can barely see it on the black panel.

 Redmi Note 3  Redmi Note 3

There are 3 Android buttons under the screen. When the screen is awake, the back light of the buttons will be on. What different from Redmi Note 2 is the back light of Note 3 is white. The design of back light is for the convenience of using in the night.

 Redmi Note 3

The back of the phone is still three-part design, the middle is metal, the top and the bottom are plastic. Such design is to largely ensure the signal of the device. The colors of plastic and metal are different, so is the texture. What worth mentioning is that the joint between metal and plastic is very smooth, comfortable to touch.

 Redmi Note 3

On the back, there is a 13MP camera with dual color temperature LED Flash and round Fingerprint ID module. The camera and Fingerprint Sensor are surrounded by a metal ring, more exquisite. The dual color temperature LED Flash makes the light softer when shooting.

 Redmi Note 3

Near the bottom, there are Xiaomi Logo and the Speaker. Logo is still the Mosaic design. It is a little convex under the speaker, which is to avoid shielding the sound while playing music if the screen faces up.

 Redmi Note 3  Redmi Note 3

There is IR module, earpiece and denoising MIC at the top. At the bottom, we see the USB port and Microphone. The USB port is Micro USB design, not USB Type-C.

 Redmi Note 3  Redmi Note 3  Redmi Note 3

At the left side, there is the SIM Card slot. Redmi Note 3 supports dual 4G LTE network, dual SIM/dual standby. The Volume key and Power key are at the right side. The keys are very solid there and the key regulation is short, pretty excellent.

 Redmi Note 3

The full metal body Redmi Note 3 with 4000mAh battery weighs just 4g more than the Redmi Note 2. Its 5.5 inch screen is not appropriate for one-handed operation. However, the one-handed operation mode built-in MIUI perfectly solves the problem. One the whole, Redmi Note 3’s appearance is very good-looking.

Redmi Note 3 is the first Xiaomi phone to be pre-installed with MIUI 7. The phone here runs MIUI 7.5 based on Android 5.0.2. The system is still flat design without sub-menu. The icons are all rounded rectangle, very pretty. Meanwhile, different color version Redmi Note 3 will automatically match theme with different colors to show its character. Xiaomi Apps are built in the system, including Xiaomi Life, Xiaomi Finance and so on, but you can uninstall them.

15 16 17

Swipe down the screen to launch the Notification bar, slide left the bar to enter shortcut setting bar. The background is frosted glass design. In Shortcut Setting, you can set whether to turn on Flash light, to connect USB cable and so on. Of course, you can also change the positions of these items in the Setting bar.

18 19 20

There are three columns on the Dialing interface, Dialing, Contacts and Yellow Page. You can search some service lines on the Dialing Interface, very convenient.

21 22 23

We mentioned before that Redmi Note 3 will be pre-installed with different color themes according to the color of the phone, certainly, these themes can be changed. MIUI 7 is inbuilt with Theme App, including a variety of themes. There are for free or charged. You can choose according to your needs. Of course, the system is also built-in with 5 themes, including Goddess version, Luxury version and so on.

24 25 26

The biggest advantage of MIUI 7 comparing with MIUI 6 is it improves the response speed. The launching speed of Apps and the smoothness of the whole system are both greatly improved. Meanwhile, it also optimized battery life. After developed to the 7th generation, MIUI is quite wonderful on functionality and usability. The MIUI 7 is obviously very easy to use.

Redmi Note 2 before ran Helio X10 processor which made it quite competitive. It’s been 3 months now, let’s see the performance of Redmi Note 3 via AnTuTu Benchmarking. The AuTuTu for testing is the newest V6.0 version.

2728 29

It scored 50550, leading level among Helio X10 smartphones, can deal with basic Apps for daily life and smoothly runs some large games.


In actual game testing, it runs Leo’s Fortune very smoothly, the launching speed is pretty rapid. And during the whole process, it is quite fast, the whole performance is very satisfying. Moreover, the heating is not that obvious during the game.

31 32 33

Reedmi Note 3 this time also supports Fingerprint ID function. You can set password and add Fingerprints in Setting-Lock, Password and Fingerprint items. The fingerprint input process id very smooth, you will need about 12 times. Fingerprint is used to unlock, it can be used to pay later. Xiaomi claimed that Redmi Note 3 can support Pay for Xiaomi Wallet in the later system version.

You may very concerned about its Fingerprint recognition speed. The Fingerprint ID performance of LeTV Le 1S and Meizu Blue Charm Metal are pretty prominent. Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 is said to use as fast as 0.3 seconds to unlock, very fast.

Redmi Note 3 packs a 13MP main camera, supporting PDAF technology. The camera shooting interface is rather simple, the bottom center of the screen is Shutter button, the left button is for thumbnail photo and the right button is video-camera mode. Above the Shutter button, there are the LED Flash, switch for HDR and front/rear camera.

34 35 36

Slide right to launch shooting mode, you can choose Panorama, OIS Nightshot and so on. Slide left to launch the real-time filter of the camera, which can help you take very excellent photos.


The focus speed of Redmi Note 3 is quite fast, similar to Xiaomi Mi 4C, And the shutter speed is really rapid, you don’t need to worry losing one moment of you life. Let’s check its imaging performance by a group of shooting proofs.

38 39 40 4142


Through the proofs above, we can see that Redmi Note 3 has very outstanding performance while shooting in the daytime, the while balance and color reproduction are pretty accurate, the details are preserved very well, its imaging performance is pretty excellent. But for Nightshot, it has high imaging quality when there is adequate light. When the light is not adequate, its resolution is much decreased, performance is not that satisfying.

Redmi Note 3 has a 4000mAh battery and supports Quick Charge technology. The battery industry hasn’t appeared revolutionary technology for a long time. Large battery is still the simplest way to solve battery life problem. Unlike many large battery smartphones, Redmi Note 3’s thickness is just 8.65mm and weight is 164g only.


This is because Redmi Note 3 increased the space of battery compartment via thinning the battery on the metal panel instead of changing the whole dimension of the phone.

During actual testing, it takes one hour to charge from 0% to 45%. And it cosumes 7% after playing 3D games for half a hour, consumes 2% after playing music via loudspeaker after half a hour, the battery life is quite stunning.

 Redmi Note 3

After reading the review above, we believe most of you now acknowledge the Redmi Note 3, full metal body, Fingerprint ID, large battery and affordable price tag. All these features may make Redmi Note 3 stand out from the crowd. But these seems to lack some surprise except for the price. Maybe it is because it is not so creative and most basic specifications are the same as Redmi Note 2. However, undoubtedly, Redmi Note 3 is still one of the best choices among the smartphones at the
same price range, given its performance, hardware and price.


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