Comparison: Redmi Note 3 VS Honor 5X VS Letv Le 1s VS Meizu Metal VS Qihoo 360 youth version, which one is more worthy of being bought?

Comparison: Redmi Note 3 VS Honor 5X VS Letv Le 1s VS Meizu Metal VS Qihoo 360 youth version, which one is more worthy of being bought?

In recent months, the phone market was flooded into a number of smartphones with fingerprint recognition function and metal body design, and priced at about 1000 yuan. So when you try purchasing a new phone, you may feel quite difficult to decide which one should you choose? Today, we will tell you about the differences of these devices, you can choose a more suitable product based on the characteristics when using the phone.16-151215101J8
Before introducing the characteristics of these devices, first of all, we look at the following table to compare the hardware parameters of these devices, to see what is the difference? Of course , there are also several other one-thousand-yuan metal fingerprint phones, but due to their performance is relatively moderate, without outstanding features, so we didn’t list them to make a comparison.

Through the above chart, we can find that didn’t mention the screen size, in fact, these devices are 5.5-inch 1080p FHD screen. In addition, just from the hardware parameters, Le 1s comprehensive hardware configuration is the highest, Redmi Note 3 battery capacity is the maximum, Qihoo 360 youth version with the maximum pixel of front lens, for telecom users, there is only two versions to choose from, namely Honor 5X and Qihoo 360 youth version of global network version. Of course, when buy a new phone, we can’t only look at its hardware specifications, the operating experience is also very critical, now we will introduce the characteristics of each of these devices in detail.
Redmi Note 3: MIUI /4000mAh large battery

Except for the price, the biggest advantages of Redmi Note 3 are MIUI system and 4000mAh large-capacity battery, MIUI can be regarded as a good domestic phone manufacturer, although some people thought MIUI was too onerous, but it is exactly because of that almost considering all aspects that make life more convenient. And MIUI also maintained every Friday to update system, in use, if met with a small bug, it will also repair it. Redmi Note 3 is known for its high cost performance, quite right for these users who are keen on the practicability.
Honor 5X Play: Fingerprint unlock 2.0/ Global network support

The advantage of Honor 5X Play is that it supports global network version, while in the card slot, it is equipped with Micro SIM+ nano SIM+Micro SD three card slots independent design, which can meet the needs of different groups. Furthermore, the phone supports fingerprint recognition 2.0, the biggest new feature of fingerprint recognition 2.0 is the fingerprint not only can achieve the identification to unlock, payment and other functions, but it can also carry out some customized software functionality. In terms of system update, although not as diligent as Xiaomi , but when major upgrade, the old model is not also forgotten in the corner. Coupled with Honor’s relatively strict quality control, Honor 5X Play will be a good choice.
Letv Le 1s: ID borderless design/ Mirror fingerprint identification

From the chart, we can see the Letv super phone, in addition, the biggest feature of Letv Le 1s is its video ecosystem services, blends self-innovation LeUI desktop , Live desktop into system, to allow the user to achieve the organic unification of application content, video resources and global search, while can achieve the multi-platform(like Letv Super TV, Letv cars, etc) communication with each other, seamlessly connected, this is not just in the ordinary phone to download a video APP can be done. Also, in appearance, Letv Le 1s inherits the previous-generation product’s ID borderless design, and above the screen, it uses a symmetric design, looks quite cute. Overall, Letv Le 1s is very right for these users who like using the phone to watch video.
Meizu Metal: Front press-type fingerprint recognition

Meizu Metal biggest feature is it adopts mBack button, integrated mTouch fingerprint recognition function, abandoned Android’s ancestral three button operating habit, only using one key to complete the unlock, returns, desktop, video assistant several operations, and become the first one-thousand-yuan phone to use front-mounted fingerprint recognition. In appearance, Meizu Metal uses spray paint processing, the overall appearance looks more harmonious and unified, and hand feeling is also better. In terms of operating system, Meizu Metal runs on brand-new Flyme 5 , the overall style is more concise, in the operating, brand-new and smooth Flyme 5 system+ mBack button also brings better and smoother one-handed operation experience. As a newly listed one-thousand-yuan phone, Meizu Metal may be more right for young users.
Qihoo 360 youth version: can run simultaneously double weChat /360 OS

As a security software derivative product, the Qihoo 360 youth version biggest feature is it runs on 360 OS , while also runs on double weChat. It can achieve to simultaneously log in two different weChat account, and the different accounts can independently set all functions. Greatly facilitate the user’s daily use, and both work and life don’t delay. 360 OS is based on Android system depth customization, it has some excellent functions, such as APP cleaning function, and the property isolation systems, personal space and other deeper security functions, and the property isolation system is not only isolated with the daily used system, but it can even be said to be armed to the teeth, in this system, unable to carry out printscreen, copy and paste and a series of actions. So Qihoo 360 youth version is more right for these users who pay attention to the personal information security and business work busy, while the phone also supports global network version, right for telecom users.

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