How to replace a cracked LCD display for your Xiaomi Mi Note smartphone?

How to replace a cracked LCD display for your Xiaomi Mi Note smartphone?

When we have used a new phone for a period of time, the phone may generate some failures, for example, the phone screen is broken, or the button/touch is not sensitive, even the phone response is slow. Today, we will help you to handle some commonly phone problem— How to replace a broken LCD display for your phone, taking Xiaomi Mi Note as an example, the detailed steps are as follows:Tools:
Metal Spudger
Small Suction Cup Tool
SIM Card Eject Tool
Phillips#000 Screwdriver
How to replace a cracked Xiaomi Mi Note screen:
Step 1: Remove the SIM card tray
1.Turn off the device
2.Locate the hole for the SIM card on the left side of the phone.
3.Use the SIM card removal tool(or use a paper clip) and insert it into the slot hole until the tray pops out.



Step 2: Remove the back cover
1.Use the small suction cup tool to grip the back of the phone. Once the suction cup is secure, pull the back cover with moderate force and the back plate should snap free.
2.Gently remove the back cover


Step 3: Detach the frames that hold in the battery
1.Locate and remove the screws(Screws are marked in the image).
2.Red: Use the Screwdriver to remove the six 3.5mm Phillips#000 black screws using a securing part of the back panels.
3.Orange: Use the Screwdriver to remove seven 2.5mm Phillips#000 black screws
4.Yellow: Remove the five 2mm Phillips#000 silver screws securing the remaining back panels.
5.Then you can pull the frame off with ease.



Step 4: Remove the battery
1. Use a nylon spudger to pry upwards to detach the ribbon that’s connecting the battery to the motherboard.
2. Insert a metal spudger underneath the battery at any point. Then slide the spudger around all the edges to loosen it. The battery can now be easily lifted out of the frame.



Step 5: Use tweezers to detach the small ribbon on left side located near the volume buttons using an upwards prying motion.


Step 6: Detach the microphone cord located on the right side along the frame using an upwards prying motion as well.


Step 7: Remove the motherboard
1.Use a tweezer to lift and remove the motherboard from the frame.


Step 8: Peel the ribbon that is adhered to the metal surface as shown.

Step 9: Use tweezers slowly start prying upwards at the locations shown in the images. After carefully prying around the edges of the dock connector, it can now lifted upwards out of the frame.



Step 10: Use a spudger detach the top two ribbons that connect the screen to the touch sensor and motherboard using an upwards prying motion.


Step 11: Use tweezers lift the two remaining ribbons from the bottom frame by grasping the ribbons at any point and lifting towards the bottom of the frame.



Step 12: Peel the ribbon attached to the back metal frame; And use spudger at any point to get underneath the metal frame. Slide the spudger around the sides of the metal to free it from the frame.


Step 13: Remove the LCD assembly
1.Apply considerable force to the back corners using the spudger to help relieve it of the adhesive as shown.
2.Once you have freed the screen from a portion of the adhesive, wedge your spudger around the front edge to work around the edges of the screen and frame in order to fully remove it from the frame.
3.Reassemble the Xiaomi Mi Note with a new screen replacement in reverse order, and then your done!




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