Exclusive: The most powerful Chinese smartphone Huawei Mate 8 Teardown

Exclusive: The most powerful Chinese smartphone Huawei Mate 8 Teardown

Huawei Mate 8, the one named it self the most powerful Chinese smartphone, has been released for some time, but there isn’t any teardown article about it published. Good news is that we will bring you the teardown photo collection to let you take a look at the internal structure of this high-end Chinese smartphone. On the whole, the craftsmanship of Huawei Mate 8 is much improved, comparing to the previous products. But seems not that stunning. To be specific, Huawei Mate 8’s metal back cover uses CNC technology, while Mate 7 uses punching press + simple CNC. For more details, please continue reading this article.


To see what inside the phone, you will need a metal spudger, tweezer and screw driver.

Huawei Mate 8 uses unibody metal body, so the metal back cover is nondetachable design. To solve the signal issues, Mate 8 chooses plastic to cover the antenna. In this way, the colors of plastic and metal look a little different. Some of you may don’t like it.


The rear camera is slightly convex, with CD patterns. But, this is not the point, what matter is it is aluminum alloy material.


The side edge of the phone, metal wiredrawing craft. The back is sand-blasting+anodic oxidation.


Most metal smartphones’ back cover all use sand-blasting+anodic oxidation craft, sand-blasting to make the texture at first and then anodic oxidation to colour and meanwhile make a protective layer.


The speaker at the bottom and the USB port.


The top of the front still uses still CD patterns.


Remove 2 T3 Hex Screws with the screw driver and you can directly remove the metal back cover with your hand.

2 big yellow flex cables across above the battery, just like Mate 7.

Uneven motherhood shield and green PCB board.


After removing the back cover, we can see the flex cable of the back Fingerprint ID.


The back Fingerprint ID module, FPC chip, Ofilm assembly.


The metal back cover of Huawei Mate 8 uses solid CNC craft, no more the punching press+simple CNC like Mate 7. We can see the internal ball cutter grains.


The bottom and the top are no longer plastic materials simply jointed together, but using Nano-plastic injection and there are some structure details using CNC craft.


OK, back to the internal. Normally, the flex cables we see here should be under the battery and clinging to the middle frame. But if they are under the battery, there will be 2 fillisters on the middle frame. And it will need one more process while casting molding, increasing cost.


The main flex cables are fixed with stainless steel discs.




Attached board at the bottom and Loudspeaker cavity


Side A of the motherboard, high integration level, thanks to Kirin 950 chip integrated base band and more.


Sibe B.


Main chip Kirin 950, packaged together with Micron DDR4.


Looking from its side, Kirin 950 seems quite thick, with 3 layers.


Samsung Flash Memory


The small one on the left is Quick Charge chip, TI’s BQ25892.


2 Hisilicone’s TI6362 chips, RF.


This is Hi6421, power managing.

24 25

13MP OIS rear camera


Sony Cell.

27                                                                  All done. All the parts are here.


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