Xiaomi borrows inspiration from Meizu: will be equipped with the physical HOME Button

Xiaomi borrows inspiration from Meizu: will be equipped with the physical HOME Button

After a series of leaks, there are internet users based on spy photos to create a set of HD renderings of Xiaomi Mi5, the credibility of making renderings is quite high. From the renderings point of view, Xiaomi Mi5 still continues the double-sided 2.5D glass design style of Xiaomi Mi Note, and the thickness and radian of the front 2.5D glass may be wider than Xiaomi Mi Note, thus making the overall impressions of Xiaomi Mi5 get obviously enhanced, the appearance looks quite good!5302200071

In fact, seen from the spy photos that have determined that Xiaomi will cancel Android’s traditional three-buttons operation, but to use a similar Meizu mTouch interaction, that is to say, Xiaomi also realized that Meizu mTouch interaction is the most technological and the most practical. As we all known, Meizu mTouch is a HOME physical key, and combined with fingerprint recognition, tap to return, re-press return to the desktop, and the control center was shown through the screen sliding from the bottom to the top! More importantly, during the operation, because there is no left and right buttons on both sides, so the error touch is not exist! There is no controversy that this mTouch interaction becomes the best and most convenient shortcut function in 2015. At present, the mTouch has been upgraded to version 2.1.

In addition, Lenovo’s ZUK is also an extension of Meizu mTouch features, based on Meizu mTouch original functions, ZUK HOME physical button redeveloped the left and right sliding can switch the record applications before and after the operation. Thus making them get a lot of praise!


And after Xiaomi Mi5 leaked, HOME physical button also attracted our attention, and some people think that the function development of Xiaomi Mi5 will also use Meizu mTouch features as the foundation, and using Xiaomi’s internet thinking to optimized the HOME physical button with fingerprint module, such as hiding, security, payments, application operation, etc. We believe that one physical HOME key is the most convenient for users to use.


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