ZTE AXON Max Review: A 6-inch large-screen business phone with Qualcomm octa-core 3GB RAM, fingerprint/eyeprint/voiceprint

ZTE AXON Max Review: A 6-inch large-screen business phone with Qualcomm octa-core 3GB RAM, fingerprint/eyeprint/voiceprint

Throughout the smartphone market, the mainstream brands have already rolled out their own product lines, all kinds of phone models ranging from the entry-level to the high-end have been packed with the market. And starting from September this year, ZTE turned to the high-end market , and at the end of this year ZTE launched its flagship AXON Max. Nowadays, ZTE AXON series of three models AXON Mini, AXON, AXON Max finally listed for sale. This time, ZTE AXON Max uses a 6-inch screen and 4140mAh large battery, the large screen and long battery life are its main selling points, mainly oriented to the high-end business people. At present, the phone has been on sale in the ZTE official store, the global network version is priced at 2799 yuan. So, whether ZTE AXON Max can lead ZTE to successfully turn to the high-end market? With this question to start today’s review.1
Starting from September, ZTE launched the implementation of the channel strategy, in 2015 achieved the three strategies in all , one is the product strategy, the second is the brand strategy. ZTE product strategy all started, whether it is on high-speed rail, subway or airport, the place where business people often appears we can see, this is the implementation of the ZTE brand strategy. The third is the channel, starting in September 2015, ZTE with many large-scale phone chain stores, including D-Phone, Gome have singed a strategic agreement. So today we see ZTE AXON Max is a very critical product.

About series, we can see the AXON series of three models AXON mini, AXON, AXON Max finally all listed for sale. After two years of product development, in 2015, ZTE gradually carried out the product focus, and began to take boutique route, until now, forming the ZTE’s product strategy, namely  the high-end business people oriented AXON series, and young and fashionable oriented Blade series,  so these two series are oriented to the different crowds and positioning.

中兴AXON天机Max 基本参数
Screen 6-inch 1920x1080p、367ppi
Body size
Weight 188g
Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 617、true octa-core  1.5GHz
Network Dual SIM,Global network support
Camera rear-facing 16.0MP/front-facing 13.0MP
Feature exquisite body ,super long life USB Type-C port
Battery 4100mAh lithium polymer battery
(support quick charge, non-removable)
OS Mifavor 3.5,based on Android 5.1.1
Colors gold
Price 2799yuan

On the hardware configuration, ZTE AXON Max uses a 6-inch 1080p 2.5D screen, and equipped with Qualcomm snapdragon 617 processor, supplemented by 3GB RAM and 32GB ROM, supports up to 128GB expandable storage via MicroSD. Camera wise, AXON Max comes with a 13.0MP front camera with F/2.2 aperture, and supports smart beauty face, at the back, it has a 16.0MP main camera with F/1.9 large aperture, and supports the fastest 0.1s phase focusing. Whether selfie, recording life and night shooting, can meet the needs of users.

As a high-end business people oriented phone, ZTE AXON Max not only has the large screen, big battery, but it also has many other characteristic selling points. For example, high-fidelity dual-channel Hi-Fi chip, to maximize the reduction the recording and voice; OTG reverse charging function, can charge your Pad, other phone, smartwatch; Voiceprint, fingerprint and eyeprint three print unlock function, can be more secure to protect your personal privacy. In addition, AXON Max also adds the reversible USB Type-C port. Overall, ZTE AXON Max is defined as broad field of view, broad battery life, broad connotation, broad comfort.

ZTE AXON Max Review: Appearance
As a high-end business people oriented phone, ZTE AXON Max uses a 6-inch large screen, the resolution is 1920*1080p, the pixel density is 367ppi. If we speak of the phone screen in 2015, I don’t think that it must be the 2K screen, maybe it has an ultra-high screen proportion. ZTE AXON Max has 2.64mm ultra-narrow bezel, the screen proportion reached 77.55%, thus in order to pursue the high screen proportion and hand grip feeling, the design of the phone front is quite concise.

Moreover, at the edges of fuselage, ZTE AXON Max also adds 2.5D glass design element, from the vision point of view, the screen and the fuselage blend into one integrated mass, the hand feeling is also very smooth, eliminating the the stiff touch of edges, especially when the fingers touch the screen edges. The 2.5D glass design element is also one of the essential elements to enhance the fuselage whole texture. From these details we can see that ZTE’s determination to return to the high-end market and practical action.

Although using a 6-inch screen, but the body overall grip feeling is not bulky, this point also benefits from ZTE AXON Max body thickness of only 7.5mm, 1.8mm micro border. In addition, ZTE AXON Max overall body size also inherits the previous gold edge arc, the best ergonomic, the overall grip feeling is quite good in the 6-inch phones.


ZTE AXON Max another selling point is its long battery life, and to achieve the long life, in addition to be equipped with large-capacity battery, it also comes with Type-C data port, supports Qualcomm QC2.0 standard high-pressure fast charging, compared to ordinary batteries, speed increased by 75%. Furthermore, the Type-C data port supports OTG function, using a large-capacity battery can charge other phone, iPad, MP3, Bluetooth earphones,etc. Through the OTG feature, we can also connect to the U disk, mouse and other peripherals, to maximize the lift of the fuselage use value.


ZTE AXON Max back overall style and ZTE AXON series other product are the same, both use the latest family style. ZTE AXON Max positioning is different, so the leather covered edge on top/bottom of the body is shorter, looks more capable. In fact, this is also a kind of ascension of ZTE AXON Max on the body craftsmanship, because we all know that the full-metal body are bound to set aside the antenna at the top/bottom, we can also precisely see that ZTE AXON Max obviously has a certain amount of ascension as compared to ZTE AXON.


Now that mentioned the full-metal body, then have to mention that ZTE AXON Max has 93% metal proportion, which is very rare in the metal phones. In addition, some users also found that ZTE AXON Max’s metal portion and plastic parts have almost no color difference. ZTE AXON Max uses the aerospace aluminum alloy body, ZTE official claimed that the intensity increased by 80%, and weight reduced by 30%, and has good thermal conductivity, corrosion resistance.


Like most of domestic phones, ZTE AXON Max uses the rear-mounted touch fingerprint recognition technology. The fingerprint recognition button of ZTE AXON Max was designed on the back of the fuselage for two reasons. The first is to ensure the unitarity between ZTE AXON Max and ZTE family’s other products, thus improving the identification of family products. The second is the design of product architecture, the fingerprint recognition was designed at the back which can provide enough space for the fuselage antenna and touch, at the same time, this design is also relatively common way on the ergonomics. In addition, ZTE AXON Max fingerprint recognition button frame also comes with CNC cutting metal trim, after two oxidation, oxidation sandblasting, thousands of diamond cutting makes it look quite smooth.


In appearance, ZTE AXON Max is different from the design style of ZTE AXON series other two brother products. But on the fuselage still retained the lucky clouds patterns, openwork patterns and iconic product ID. Because of using a 6-inch large screen, therefore, in order to pursue the high screen proportion and hand grip feeling, the body front design is quite simple. The main camera on the back of the fuselage uses a rounded design, and engraved spiral pattern, cooperated with the leather textured signal on both upper and lower two ends, making the phone overall increase the strong high-end luxury feeling.

ZTE AXON Max Review: System

In terms of system, ZTE AXON Max for Chinese users to customize the Mifavour 3.2 UI. The brand-new interface is considered to be differ be different from the past AXON series, the flat+ quasiphysical and mixed up with a trace of business style, which once again echoes ZTE AXON series will be aimed at the high-end business style. Mifavor 3.2UI in the operating logic is not much difference as compared to before, but the overall them style changes a lot. ZTE AXON Max is designed for the high-end business people, so in terms of system also provides a specialized customized interface to meet the needs of business people.


First of all, Mifavor 3.2UI is quite simple, did not use the secondary page. In addition, before the third-party icons on the AXON can’t coincide with the preinstalled icons of defects also have been solved, we can switch to the different style in the design.


ZTE has a tradition, namely resource sharing, ZTE AXON Max shared the Nubia camera, in the system also shared the Star series of voice service. The system level voice translation in the ZTE services is also its a highlight. It has multi-language voice recording, real-time translation, and also provides a rich scenario example sentence.


Another ZTE service high-quality software is the driving aides, personally, I like this software very much. Because it can perfectly combine the phone with driving. Driving aides is an innovative mobile vehicle application created by Nuance and ZTE, it can rely on Nuance’s powerful automotive voice technology to provide a simple, safe and free voice control experience for the driver. ZTE voice driving mode function for mobile phone users to provide a more intelligent, quickly access to information and content.


In the security aspect, ZTE AXON Max is equipped with three human body unlock functions. At the beginning of this year, ZTE released the Grand S3 phone, it used the Eyeprint recognition technology, the front camera for user eyeprint and vascular pattern carried out the high precision imaging identification, because of the human eye has uniqueness, therefore, it can provide a safer, more private unlock experience, compared with the password input to unlock, it is more simple and high efficient. Through our practical experience, the recognition rate is very high.


Another unlock technology is voiceprint recognition, which is derived from the its Star series. The voiceprint recognition is the worst as compared to the Eyeprint and fingerprint recognition. Because it is through recording our voice to match. When we recorded need to a more quiet environment, and every time recognition all need the accurate pronunciation, and the voiceprint to unlock is also relatively easy to be copied. In addition, the convenience of the voiceprint unlock is when we are inconvenient to touch phone still can use the phone.


ZTE AXON Max is ZTE’s first fingerprint recognition phone, like Huawei Mate 7, it uses the rear-mounted fingerprint recognition feature, also has a privacy safe lock function, and the success rate of the unlock is also very similar. In the setting interface to find the fingerprint and through pressing to record, then put the finger on the back fingerprint recognition module, repeatedly to adjust the finger angle until the fingerprint completely turned to red. Moreover, we also find the quick payment function inside the phone, ZTE AXON Max product manager also revealed that in the future ZTE will cooperate with the domestic manufacturers to launch quick payment function.

ZTE AXON Max Review: Camera 

ZTE AXON Max is oriented to the high-end business people, but it is also equipped with the current mainstream flagship configuration. It has the 16.0MP rear camera+13.0MP front camera, with 6p aspherical glass lens , F1.9 large aperture , PDAF and ZTE sophisticated software features. In terms of camera, configuration is very rich, then whether the high-end business people oriented ZTE AXON Max can reach the level of the first ladder.


For PDAF(phase focusing), many users may not be very familiar, in fact, this technology is derived from the digital SLR camera, afterward was introduced into the smartphones, it also means it officially enter into the field of smartphone. Compared with the traditional “contrast” detection technology, the phase detection technique can faster and more accurate to focus on the target, especially in the relatively dark scenes. Built-in phase detection sensor can let the lens quickly make appropriate adjustment, thus compared with the ordinary sensor, it can shoot a completely different effect photos.

Our traditional phone uses a contrast AF, the traditional “contrast” AF need repeatedly “missed” the exact focus place to focusing, the phase focusing in the beginning can go through phase detection signal to judge the position of the current focus is the front or back, and accurately tell the lens to drive the module, which direction the lens should be moved. And when at the exact position, phase detection system can accurately know the current state is in focus, do not need to repeat to move the focusing lens group, so the phase focusing speed on the ZTE AXON Max is faster than the contrast focusing. In short, phase detection focusing takes advantage of two different position of projection data on the sensor to backstepping the focus position, the advantage is the focus speed is fast.


In the aspect of battery, ZTE AXON Max comes with a 4100mAh battery, and also the first to adopt the trapezoid battery, the trapezoid battery can make full use of the phone back curvature space, in the case of ensuring not to increase the thickness of the fuselage, with an increase of 10% of the battery capacity. Furthermore, the Type-C data port supports OTG function, using a large-capacity battery can charge other phone, Pad, MP3, Bluetooth earphones. During our testing, the ZTE AXON Max 10mins quick charge can reach 35%, the reverse recharging the iPhone 6S plus, charging 10mins up to 9%.


Through the actual simulation tests, the battery power remaining 13%. The testing session, not including 8 hours of standby battery life test. ZTE AXON Max battery can ensure to normally use one day is basically no problem. If you’re like me, is a phone power OCD patient, the we recommend that you can carry a mobile power bank to charge.


ZTE AXON Max , as ZTE’s first product to return the high-end market, it inherits the glorious tradition of ZTE AXON series. ZTE AXON Max is equipped with a large screen size, large capacity trapezoid battery, 2.5D curved glass, which gave users a stronger sense of giant screen, moreover, it also supports regular 4G+ global network support, Type-C port, etc, which is also the focus of the high-end business people.


After two years of product development, in 2015, ZTE gradually carried out the product focus, and began to take boutique route, until now, forming the ZTE’s product strategy, namely the high-end business people oriented AXON series, and young and fashionable oriented Blade series, so these two series are oriented to the different crowds and positioning.

The year of 2015 is the year of transformation of ZTE, starting from the second half of 2015, ZTE released many very competitive , and the clear positioning products, so we have great expectations for 2016 and hope it would double next year. According to the latest news show, ZTE smartphones in the third quarter was launched up to 41 million units in the global range, China region accounted for more than 10 million units.

ZTE phones are trying conducting the transformation in 2015, while also started the attempt of the integration terminals, ZTE to cooperate with tecent to launch AXON Watch, in the first generation of products for the smartwatch to make technical accumulation. In 2016, ZTE and Tencent also launch the new integrated terminal. Apart from the development of all kinds of integrated terminals, then whether ZTE can return to the high-end market, we believe that ZTE AXON Max is bound to sell like hot cakes.


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