Oneplus Power Bank Unboxing: Rigorous Workmanship and Novel Design

Oneplus Power Bank Unboxing: Rigorous Workmanship and Novel Design

Starting from iPhone, more and more mobile phones adopt non-removable cover design, so power bank has became into an essential equipment for mobile phone users. Oneplus, after launched first “Never Settle”smartphone, it had started be well-known in domestic and foreign , and became into the symbol of high quality. This time, i’m very honored to be selected as one of the beta staffs.


Oneplus is famous for its “Never Settle” attitude, so the crafts of Oneplus Power Bank will not let us down. At first glance, i had been recalled Oneplus phone, its top crafts、its super touch feeling! However, as for Oneplus Power Bank, how performance it have? Now, let us have a check:

▼Oneplus Power Bank had been packaged by a white rectangular box, which is composed by white bottom box and white transparent plastic cover. From the white plastic cover, we could see 10000mAh capacity and Oneplus logo; meanwhile, we also notice the appearance of Oneplus power bank clearly. At first sight, many people maybe mistake it as an Oneplus phone.


▼At the bottom of white transparent plastic cover, there has a label; after torn label, you could easy to open the box.


▼After turned over the box, we could notice the product name、barcode、manufacturer and other information in a paper label.


▼According to the information from this label, we could known that this package could directly sold overseas.


▼Open the transparent cover, we could have a full view of Oneplus power bank, one white power bank and a power cable, which been separated by a customized plastic inner box; meanwhile, in order to easy to pick up the power bank, it’s also design a notch, which is quite diligently.


▼The product contains power bank、User Manual and power cable, all white color. It’s still unknown whether Oneplus will launch other colors? how about bamboo version? In the front of the power bank, we only see an Oneplus Logo, which adopts CNC melting engraving technology, wouldn’t fall off and scratched. Besides, the cable uses noodles micro USB cable, and the User Manual adopts common foldable. However, it’s pity that it hadn’t sent a 2A power charger. The touch feeling of Power Bank is very comfortable and skin-friendly, which just like Oneplus phone.


▼The back design of Oneplus power bank is quite simple, no word or pattern.


▼As for design details, Oneplus Power bank adopts Streamline Surface Design, which is the most distinctive design of Oneplus power bank, one corner of which looks like a pebble! You will feel very smooth, delicate, and full of artistic.


▼Otherwise, we could see that one side of Oneplus power bank uses cross section design, which looks like a closed book, and it marked various certifications and parameters.


▼At the top side of Oneplus power bank, there are one charging port and two usb output ports, they are all 10v 2A, so you could charge two phones simultaneously.


▼Compared with Xiaomi power bank cable, they are both noodles short line; but Oneplus power bank cable is slightly longer.


▼Let us have a look of the certifications and parameters at another perspective.


▼Holding Oneplus power bank, you will feel warm, skin-friendly, and very comfortable.


▼However, because of metal materials, Xiaomi power bank give us an ice-cold feeling, and Somewhat cut hand due to the edges.


▼Oneplus power bank provides two output ports, xiaomi only one output port. Oneplus has no button, Xiaomi adds a button to check the remaining battery capacity; however, you could know Oneplus power bank remaining battery capacity by gravity shaking.


▼Compared with 5000mAh Xiaomi power bank, 10000mAh Oneplus power bank seems not much thicker; and the curve looks more beautiful.




As for current power bank, Jerry-built、False Capacity are the biggest problems, it’s easy to cause fire、burn equipment. It’s pity that we couldn’t remove the case to check, but Oneplus brand determined its quality must be top. After simple tested, it could charge Huawei honor X1 once and a half, it’s basically achieve 75% percent conversion.

▼Oneplus pays more attention on details, the usb power head also marked Oneplus Logo.



▼Oneplus power bank adopts blue led light to display the remaining battery capacity, and you just only shake, it would display the remaining capacity.


▼Xiaomi power bank uses button to show battery capacity, white light.


Appearance Contrast:




Compared with Xiaomi, Oneplus power bank adopts larger 10000mAh battery capacity, it could charge common terminal for twice or more, so we needn’t worry battery capacity problem during live、work or travel. In addition, like Oneplus phone, Oneplus power bank still pay attention to the details of product quality, rigorous workmanship, comfortable touch feeling. Meanwhile, good size, novel design, 2A large flow accommodate more mobile and tablet devices. Certainly, white color easy to dirty, i wish Oneplus will launch more colors to meet the individual needs of different users.


Kevin is a mobile Engineer, He currently uses the VIVO XPLAY as his primary device.

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Kevin is a mobile Engineer, He currently uses the VIVO XPLAY as his primary device.

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