Redmi 3 VS Redmi Note 3 Comparative Evaluation: Exceed Meizu Metal/Large Capacity Battery

Redmi 3 VS Redmi Note 3 Comparative Evaluation: Exceed Meizu Metal/Large Capacity Battery

In 2015, Xiaomi had mainly focus on the development of ecological chain, and it had launched several new techology products—Xiaomi Air Purifier/Xiaomi mi Band, and the new products became into the essential darling of techology enthusiasts. However, for mobile phone parts, Xiaomi only announced Redmi note, and highly anticipated Mi5 still no news.


On the occasion of New Year’s Eve, Xiaomi suddely announced that it will launch Xiaomi Mi5 after Chinese New Year. Meanwhile, Xiaomi had released two new products—Xiaomi Redmi Note 3/Redmi 3, which had detonated the medium-end mobile phone market again, and became into the best thousand-Yuan mobile phone. Now, let us compare those two new phones:

Appearance: Each Has Its Own Advantage


Firstly, the most difference between Note 3 and Redmi 3 is screen size, one is 5.5 inch 1080P screen, another just 5 inch 720P screen, those two phones had meet the needs of different screen sizes enthusiasts.


On the other hand, compared with former redmi series phones, screen-to-body ratio/screen frame of those two phones both own large progress, which makes touch experience more better, and display effect more Eye-catching. However, it’s pity that the touch key don’t use red background color, lock of some redmi iconic features.


The biggest difference between two models is back case design. First, we should metion the camera, the camera of Redmi note 3 located on the top middle of the back cover, and the size looks similar to Meizu series phone. But the camera of redmi 3 located on the left corner of the back cover, and the size is smaller, looks rather cute. Meanwhile, redmi note 3 is the first xiaomi smartphone which adds fingerprint recognition function, the Fingerprint recognition module belows the camera. The fingerprint recognition function could increase the security of the phone greatly, and it becomes into an essential function of modern phone users. Compared with other medium-end mobile phone which owns Fingerprint recognition module, redmi note 3 is the most affordable one.


However, the cheaper redmi 3 don’t adopts Fingerprint recognition module, on back cover design, redmi 3 is more better. Redmi note 3 and redmi 3 all use metal back cover, redmi note 3 basically remian the metal color, and there is no highlight on visual perception. But, redmi 3 adds s imilar texture diamond embellishment on metal back cover, which seems graceful and exquisite. With 5 inch screen delicate body, redmi 3 is better on touch feeling, and the specs approaching to the medium-end phone, in addition, it’s provide a large capacity battery.


Althought the price of two new redmi phone are cheap, the specs of them as good as many expensive phones, “Low price High specs” is the established practice for Xiaomi phone. Xiaomi redmi 3 adopts MediaTek Helio X10 processor which also be used by Meizu MX5、LETV LE1, it’s most mainstream chip of the mid-range phone. But, after adopted by Note 3, Helio X10 is completely become into the strongest processor of the low-end phone, it had enhanced the performance of redmi note 3.


By comparison, Redmi 3 adopts Snapdragon 616 processor which also be used by many expensive middle-end phone, Snapdragon 616 processor is updated from the first Qualcomm 615 processor. As for performance, Snapdragon 616 works well, but the Antutu score is lower than Helio X10; as a cheap smartphone, redmi 3 performance very well. In addition, it’s mentioned that those two redmi phone own metal body, which had exceed Meizu Metal/Lenovo Lemon, Redmi note 3 even equipped with fingerprint recognition module. Certainly, that’s not all.


The most prominent selling point of Redmi 3/Note 3 is long standby time, Redmi note 3 provides a 4000mAh battery, cute redmi 3 even inserted into a 4100mAh large capacity battery. Act in concert with MIUI power save, processor optimization and small screen, redmi 3 could support 3 days standby time, redmi note 2 also supports 2 days. It’s definitely a gospel for most Xiami fans. The large battery is the most powerful killer of redmi 3/note 3 phone.


For Mi fans, the likeability of MIUI isn’t less than IOS, it had became into the most dazzling star of the customized system. Redmi 3/Note 3 is the best performance stage for MIUI. If you like large screen, you could choose Redmi Note 3; on the contrary, you could choose redmi 3. Certainly, you pursuit of fingerprint security, redmi note 3 is the best choice. In addition, the appearance design of Redmi 3 is more dramatic.


Performance isn’t definitely key point which distinguish those two phones, however, battery capacity is the most selling point of those two redmi phones. Compared with other brand middle-end products, Redmi 3/Note 3 performance quite good. For people who want to buy the affordable phones, Redmi 3/Note 3 is the most noteworth products. Now, Redmi 3/Note 3 both in stock on Vifocal site, Redmi Note 3 costs 179.99 usd, and Redmi 3 only 149.99 usd.


Kevin is a mobile Engineer, He currently uses the VIVO XPLAY as his primary device.

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Kevin is a mobile Engineer, He currently uses the VIVO XPLAY as his primary device.

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