Oneplus X Teardown Review: Meticulously Workmanship and Sincerity Materials

Oneplus X Teardown Review: Meticulously Workmanship and Sincerity Materials

At the end of 2015, Oneplus had announced a new flagship product—Oneplus X, which owns a small screen, and it’s also the first Oneplus phone which adopts double-sided 2.5D Glass design, In addition, it’s also equipped with 2.3GHz Qualcomm 801 processor along with 3GB LP-DDR3 RAM/16GB ROM, and featured a 5.0 inch 1080P AMOLED screen. Meanwhile, it’s also including 2525mAh battery/Android 5.1.1 OS.


Today, we will make a teardown review of Oneplus X, we could see that 2.5D back glass adopts adhesive form which like other industry peer, and the glass be protected by Polycarbonate injection. In addition, the internal of the phone adopts three-stage design, affixed with graphite thermal paper, overall rigorous work, good materials. Certainly, as for the specific details, let us see the following teardown:


Firstly, Oneplus X had chaged oneplus former design style, and it’s the first Oneplus product which uses double-sided 2.5D curved glass design, at first sight, we could feel the phone looks more refined. This time, Oneplus X also adopts adhesive form to fixed the back glass. During the teardown, we need to use hot air gun to melt the internal adhesive.


Then, there are three effect on 2.5D curved glass design: 1. the whole phone looks more mellow under light irradite. 2. it make the touch feeling of screen side more better. 3. it could hind the no-frame view effect of screen BM black aeare. Besides, to make better view effect, Oneplus X had increase the thickness of double-sided 2.5D glass, and reached 0.9mm. meanwhile, we also find that the glass be protected by Polycarbonate injection, and the work is still more rigorous.


Internal parts, Oneplus X adopts common three-segment design, which leaves large space for battery. At top/bottom circuit board position also uses metal+plastic protective case protection, which had started adopted from Oneplus One. Otherwise, the internal of 2.5D protect glass also adhesive a single piece of graphite thermal stickers to radiating better.


After removed the back cover, we could find that the arrangement of the top chips is very close, and not appear the situation of too much wasted space.


The bottom integrated sound chamber speaker Close-up. According to the bottom batch number, we could know that some parts of this Oneplus X phone made in October, it could see that Oneplus X phone put the entire R&D process continues until the final release moment.


Battery Parts, this time, Oneplus X adopts 6.9mm body design, except double-sided 2.5D c urved glass thickness/middle-frame thickness/screen thickness, it don’t leave too much space to battery, so Oneplus X uses a 2525mAh Lithium-ion polymer battery, compared with other 5 inch phone, it’s not outstanding.


In fact, lots of consumers mistakenly think that metal frame phone just owns a metal frame, or metal frame is a single component. This is not so. Like most other metal frame phone, Oneplus X also adopts a single piece of aerospace aluminum carry out CNC machining processed into a fixed frame key combination of frames+middle frame, it could ensure the stability of the whole body twist.


Bottom parts, it mainly integrated with vibration transducer module、Micro USB charging and data interface, call microphone and so on. Meanwhile, it’s also through IPEX High-frequency terminal line to link up the signal of the top and bottom motherboard, which ensure the signal.


Camera parts, Oneplus X equipped with 13.0MP main camera and 8.0MP front camera. The main camera supports the relative focus, no optical image stabilization.


This time, Oneplus X choose Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 chipset, and Oneplus CEO said that Snapdragon 801 is one of the best balance between performance power consumption Qualcomm chip, it’s fact because Snapdragon 801 is the most extensive commercial Qualcomm SOC by far. According to the exposured BOM price, Snapdragon 801 is expersive than MT6795 chipset.


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In term of the strategic level, Oneplus X more like a new products which playing time difference, it had adopted early flagship design /specs to build a parity phone.



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