LETV Le Max Pro Review: The First Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 Processor Smartphone with 4GB ROM/All-metal Design

LETV Le Max Pro Review: The First Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 Processor Smartphone with 4GB ROM/All-metal Design

During CES2016, Letv phone had officially announced its’ latest flagship phone—Letv Le Max Pro, meanwhile, Letv Max Pro is the first phone which adopts Snapdragon 820 processor, except Qualcomm former advantage, Snapdragon also owns superior computing performance. In addition, Letv Le Max Pro also inclduing 4GB RAM/6.33 inch 2K screen/21.0MP OIS camera and Volte HD Video Calls. Now, let us have a look of this new phone:


Appearance Experience

For appearance design, we could found that the design of Letv Max Pro is similar to former Letv phones, and adopts the metal body design, which would more stable and durable, meanwhile, it has a good touch feeling.


Letv Le Max Pro is featuring a 6.33 inch screen (NTSC Color gamut up to 90%), and the resolution is 2560×1440 pixels, it looks rather arrogance.


Above the screen, we could see 4.0MP Ultrapixel camera, this camera first adopted by HTC One M7 phone, it owns larger pixel photosensitive area, under low light, the self-shooting effect is quite good.


Below the screen, Letv Max Pro remains touch key design, and owns the background light, it’s c convenient for users operate under night environment.


3.5mm Earphone Jack located at the top of the phone



At bottom of the phone, we may notice the USB Type-C interface, which has the advantage on data transmission. Otherwise, the speaker mesh adopts symmetrical design, the visual effect looks more elegant.



Letv Max Pro adopts non-removable case design, and the battery is also built-in design. Meanwhile, the card slot designed on the side of the phone.


After turn the phone over, we find that Letv Le Max Pro equipped with 21.0MP rear camera which supports OIS function, and dual color temperature flash. In addition, below the camera, we also see the Fingerprint recognition module, and the sensing area is quite large.


Because metal could shield the signal, Letv Max Pro body adopts plastic intermittent strip, which guarantee the communication signal transceiver normally.


System Experience

Letv Le Max Pro still runs Letv EUI, which based on Android 6.0 OS depth optimization, and integration with Letv film resource service, it makes the phone become into the important access port of mobile internet.


The interface design is rather fresh, and the icon still adopts flat design, which looks fresh and laconic.



Snapdragon 820 Experience

One of the biggest selling point of Letv Le Max Pro is Snapdragon 820 processor, and along with 4GB RAM/UFS standard ROM. During the Antutu score test, Letv Max Pro achieved 130469 points, this shows the good performance of Letv Max Pro phone.


Snapdragon 820 based on Quad-core kryo architecture, among them, two core clocked at 2.2GHz, other two core clocked at 2.0GHz, adopts 14nm FinFET crafts.

7415305 7415306

7415307 7415308

As for GPU, Snapdragon 820 uses Adreno 530. compared with Adreno 430, the power saving reduce up to 40%, meanwhile, Graphics and GPU computing performance by up to 40%, it’s also support many leading graphics and computing API, such as OpenGL ES 3.1+AEP、Renderscript and new OpenCL 2.0/Vulkan Standard.

Camera Function

Letv Le Max Pro owns 4.0MP Ultrapixel front camera, and 21.0MP rear camera, it’s also including F2.0 Aperture/6P lens/Sony IMX230 sensor, and supporting OIS function, which could improve the quality of nighttime shooting, and shooting success rate. In addition, it equipped with dual color temperature flash, while opens, the screen color is more natural.




According to the above photos, we could notice that the purity of the photo is quite high, and we couldn’t find the significant photo noise. However, for photo saturation, it could do better.


Although Letv Le Max Pro hadn’t brought too much surprise on appearance design/System UI, rely on the first Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 Processor Smartphone, Letv Le Max Pro could become into the focus of global mobile phone enthusiasts.


Kevin is a mobile Engineer, He currently uses the VIVO XPLAY as his primary device.

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Kevin is a mobile Engineer, He currently uses the VIVO XPLAY as his primary device.

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