Xiaomi Mi5 Teardown: Revealing more details of the device inside

Xiaomi Mi5 Teardown: Revealing more details of the device inside

After months of wide speculation and numerous leaks, Xiaomi Mi5 has been officially released yesterday, it is said that the newest Xiaomi Mi5 is equipped with many black technology, now there is an internet user provide the teardown of Xiaomi Mi5(top-level version), let’s take a look at the details of the device.01
Xiaomi Mi5 (top end version) uses the 3D ceramic body, not the 3D glass back version, at the same time, it is equipped with Snapdragon 820 processor and 4GB RAM. It is reported that Xiaomi Mi5 has begun to manufacture, and the sales quantity should be no less.

Now, let’s look at the following teardown details:

First of all, the teardown confirms that Xiaomi Mi5 supports dual SIM dual standby, not support TF card expansion. Moreover, in terms of network connectivity, the Xiaomi Mi5 supports the entire network 3.0.

But compared to the standard version and high-end version, Xiaomi Mi5 top-end version still has some different, it uses the 3D ceramic body, the ceramic material rear cover not only has the metallic texture, but also has the glass mirror luster. The biggest difference between ceramic back cover and glass rear cover is the hardness aspect, Xiaomi Mi5 top end version uses the ceramic back cover, the Mohs hardness is 8H, and the general glass hardness is about 7H, by contrast, the ceramic rear cover is more advantaged in terms of abrasive resistance.

This time, Xiaomi Mi5 still does not adopt a removable back cover. So you will have to use a suction cup to remove the back cover from the overall body.

Owing to the density of ceramic is higher than the glass, so Xiaomi Mi5 top end version is slightly heavier than the standard version or high-end version.

After removing the 3D ceramic back cover, you will find a number of screws. These screws are covered with fragile stickers, which means you will lose official warranty qualification once they are removed.

Inside the phone, Xiaomi Mi5 uses a three-stage layout. To set aside more space for the battery storehouse.(As shown in the image)

As already mentioned in the configuration, the phone comes with a 3000mAh lithium ion polymer battery inside. And the battery is placed in the middle position.


Taking advantage of its metal properties, Xiaomi Mi5 mid-frame can act as a shielding case.(As show in the image above)  The top PCB board is supported by a metal frame wherever needed. The chipset is coated with thermal grease / gel. But there doesn’t seem to be any other equipment for cooling the CPU. So, looks like Qualcomm did a good job with Snapdragon 820 in terms of heat efficiency.

The next step, you can see the front/rear camera. On the left the rear camera) is the 16MP Sony IMX298 stacked lens, supports AF+CAF mixed focusing mode, 4-Axis OIS. On the right is the 4MP Ultrapixel sensor used on the front.

Xiaomi Mi5 uses the USB Type-c data port.

At the bottom, there are the physical Home button, touch chip and fingerprint recognition sensor.

The picture shows us the closeup of fingerprint recognition chip. The Mi5 supports the front-mounted fingerprint identification, the solution is from Synaptics.



This is Snapdragon 820 chipset along with the 4GB RAM module. The chipset itself supports QC3.0, ultrasonic fingerprint recognition, etc.

The Mi5 uses the 128GB flash memory on board,which is using the latest UFS 2.0 flash memory standard, faster as well as more efficient than eMMC5.0.

As of now, Xiaomi Mi5 teardown is officially completed! As you can see in the pictures above, the internal layout of Xiaomi Mi5 is quite reasonable and careful. At the same time, the overall design looks also quite elegant and exquisite, coupled with its striking specs, are you expecting it?

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