0s open the APP! 6GB RAM Vivo Xplay 5 exposed the new function: Smart Engine

0s open the APP! 6GB RAM Vivo Xplay 5 exposed the new function: Smart Engine

Since the Vivo announced that the company is about to release Xplay 5 with a 6GB of RAM, the new phone successfully attracted our attention, as a follow-up work of Xplay series, Xplay 5 comes with many eye-catching highlights, including the world’s first Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor, or the world’s first use LPDDR4 6GB large RAM, or Hi-Fi 3.0, even double-curved screen, etc, the above configuration are very worth expecting. But if you think these specifications are all features of the Vivo Xplay 5, then you will find you’re wrong! Just now, the Vivo official again exposed a new skill of Xplay 5.

According to @vivo smartphone description, vivo Xplay 5 will be equipped with “Smart engine” function, through the feature, the phone can realize the self-testing and self-perception, to develop more efficient CPU and memory and other resource scheduling schemes.
To put it simply, Smart engine is a new function on Vivo Xplay 5, which is similar to the feeling of artificial intelligence, according to insiders reveal, Smart engine can automatically customize high-efficiency CPU, memory and other scheduling scheme, intelligently add commonly APP to memory, adjust the priority of recovery, can also smart scene recognition, automatically match the GPU, automatically manage the APP and so on.

Subsequently, the internet has also exposed some comparison video, the object of comparison is iPhone 6s and vivo X6, from the video point of view, the smart engine function is playing an important role in the APP startup. According to the video show, vivo Xplay 5’s startup speed is impressive. But whether this feature still has other highlights, or other “Black technology”, it is estimated that we have to wait until March 1, Xplay 5 conference announced the answer.

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