Xiaomi Mi5 battery life experience: How is 3000mAh battery life performance?

Xiaomi Mi5 battery life experience: How is 3000mAh battery life performance?

Since Xiaomi Mi5 was released, the new phone attracted tremendous attention. And in the Xiaomi Mi5 conference, Lei Jun said, Snapdragon 820 performance has doubled as compared to Snapdragon 810, but the power consumption is reduced by half. This make us pay more attention to the Xiaomi Mi5 battery life, how is Xiaomi Mi5’s battery life? Whether the 3000mAh battery will bring amazing surprise, today, let’s test the battery!

Before starting the battery life testing, we might as well take a look at the detailed configuration of Xiaomi Mi5 and software optimization. This time, the test model is Xiaomi Mi5 top-end version.

Xiaomi Mi5 top-end version is equipped with Snapdragon 820 processor along with 4GB RAM, but in terms of the screen, Xiaomi Mi5 is relatively conservative, it chooses to use a 5.15-inch 1080p resolution screen, as we all know, the display screen has been considered to be the high power-hungry element of the phone, the 5.15-inch 1080p screen is relatively more power-saving as compared to the 2K large screen, coupled with Snapdragon 820 chip’s performance optimization in terms of power consumption, although 3000mAh battery capacity is not big, but from the parameter point of view, Xiaomi Mi5 should have a pretty good performance in the battery life aspect.
In this testing, Xiaomi Mi5 runs on MIUI 7 6.1.21 developer edition based on Android 6.0(As shown below). In the MIUI 7 settings- Other advanced settings can find “Power and performance” related content. Click power-saving optimization, can adjust the power saving mode, when the low power, open “super long standby mode” which can effectively enhance the battery life time. “The third mode”(As shown in the picture below) can carry out the special power-saving optimization for the application. Using the MIUI 7 Smart Wake function can also further reduce the power consumption.

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Next, let’s take a look at the Xiaomi Mi5’s charging. Xiaomi Mi5 supports Qualcomm latest Quick Charge 3.0, Quick Charge 3.0 first uses INOV algorithm in the same products. INOV is a brand-new algorithm developed by Qualcomm Technologies, which can help the portable devices to select the desired power level, at any time, to achieve the best power transmission, and to maximize power.

Xiaomi Mi5 flash charging is based on Snapdragon 820 properties, not self-developed. But this is not important for consumers, let us look at the actual experience. In the actual testing, we use Xiaomi Mi5 original charger to charge Xiaomi Mi5, during the testing, to record data every ten minutes, made the following form.

According the actual testing show, Xiaomi Mi5 from 0% to fully charged need to take about 80 minutes, which is 1 hour and 20 minutes. Xiaomi Mi5 battery capacity is 3000mAh, this result is not good. But judging from the charging curve, the power in the first 30 minutes presented a tendency of straight climb, 30 minutes can be filled with 57%, the performance is very good!

The charging speed was rapid at first and slow down then, which is related to the Quick Charge 3.0 features. Xiaomi supports 5V、9V、12V three kinds of charging voltage, the early stage used the high-voltage to let the power rise rapidly, in the later period, the voltage reduced , the charging speed was also slowed. Of course, the reduction of charging speed in the later period mainly took the problem of the battery life into account. In the actual use, charging for half an hour before going out, it is basically enough to meet the use in this a short period of time.
Finally, let us talk about the battery life. Now we will conduct five hours of battery life test for Xiaomi Mi5, respectively including surfing the internet, online music, online video, call and games, the detail as shown below:

During the testing, phone card 1 is China Mobile, Card 2 is Xiaomi mobile phone cards(Unicom). When online testing, open the data connection, and connected with WiFi, the phone is running on weibo, WeChat and QQ, the volume is 25% of the total volume, screen brightness is 50% of the total brightness. Games testing used “Implosion”.

After five hours of testing, the last remaining power of Xiaomi Mi5 is 19%, the performance is general. The power consumption on the Games and online video is respectively 21% and 36%, the consumption rate is relatively larger. It is worth noting that online music for an hour consumes only 5%. Games testing about 20 minutes, the back of the phone at the top is obviously heating, but the heating problem is not serious, the heating control of the overall is still quite excellent.
At night, we carried out 8 hours standby test for Xiaomi Mi5, in the case of fully charged, the phone is connected with WiFi, turn off the screen for 8 hours, power consumption of standby is 1%, the performance is quite outstanding.

During the test, we find that Xiaomi Mi5 can play games about 3 hours, of course, our tested games is the larger 3D mobile games, if you usually like to play some small games, it can maintain a longer time.
After a day of moderate use, we also found that the remaining power of Xiaomi Mi5 is 24%, the performance is good. In the actual use, it can meet the day’s use, the mild use should be able to use about 1.5 days. Overall, Xiaomi Mi5 battery life is good. But compared to the same battery capacity of phone, there is also no obvious advantage.

We believe that for most of people, they may pay more attention to the power consumption of Snapdragon 820. But now, we need to talk about the heating control of Snapdragon 820 chip.Admittedly, Snapdragon 810 showed many shortcomings in terms of heating control, and Xiaomi Mi5 with Snapdragon 820 chipset has a quite excellent heating control. From the another perspective point of view, the dropping of the heating can maximize performance of processor. The Snapdragon 820 performance increase, and the power consumption reduced, benefit from the better heating control.
At this moment, we believe that we have had a more intuitive understanding for Xiaomi Mi5 battery life performance. The moderate use for a day can meet most people’s needs in daily life, therefore, we do not need too much worry. Xiaomi Mi5 battery life performance is still good.

Xiaomi Mi5 specs: http://vifocal.com/xiaomi-mi5-smartphone-4g-lte-5-5-inch-2-5d-screen-qualcomm-820-android-6-0-os-finger-printer.html

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