Letv Le2 will support the bezel-less3.0: screen proportion exceeds iPhone

Letv Le2 will support the bezel-less3.0: screen proportion exceeds iPhone

Last year, Letv released its first-generation product, and put forward a new word ”ID Bezel-less”, but now, Letv is about to launch the second-generation model on April 20, it is said that the new phone will also use the bezel-less technology, and will upgrade to 3.0 version.


Recently, Letv CEO Jia Yueting revealed in the weibo, the second generation of Letv product will support “ID bezel-less 3.0”, the following image are iPhone and Letv new phone contrast, it can be seen clearly, under the same screen size, Letv Le2 has higher screen proportion than iPhone, overall dimensions are controlled properly.


It is worth mentioning that, at the upcoming release conference, Letv will still bring Le2, Le2 Pro and Le Max 2 three products, it is estimated that the three new phones will support ID borderless 3.0. In addition, it is also rumored that Letv Le2 will be powered by Helio X20 processor, Letv Le Max2 will be equipped with Snapdragon820 processor. In a word, Letv wanted to compete with Apple, we guess that the new flagship in all aspects should be not bad.

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