Letv Le2 phone Teardown: See how is its internal craftsmanship

Letv held the new product release conference on April 20th , and officially released the Le2, Le2 Pro and Le Max 2 three new phones. Today, we got a new Letv Le 2 smartphone, in appearance, the Le2 inherits the design style of the Le1, and uses borderless ID 3.0 design, also adds the rose gold color. In addition, the Le 2 is also the world’s first Medatek 10-core Helio X20 smartphone, both in terms of design and performance, the new phone is impeccable. In order to explore the internal workmanship and materials used, we performed a teardown of the device.


As we all know, the Le2 is the world’s first Helio X20-powered smartphone, in addition to this, another highlight of the device is that the Le 2 canceled the 3.5mm headphone jack, the headphone and data cable use a brand-new USB Type-C port.


The Le2 continues the ID borderless suspension glass design, and the overall design pay more attention to symmetry. In the network connectivity, the Le2 supports entire network, dual SIM, support for 4G+ and VoLTE.


Like the Le 1s, the Le2 uses screw-less ID design, the entire front panel is connected to the metal bezel with the double-sided foam, which not only reduces the openings on fuselage, but also making the integrity of the device stronger. At the same time it also requires a smaller tolerance design.


The Le2 adopts incell screen, the advantage of the incell screen is to embed the function of the touch panel into the LCD pixels, thus eliminating the touch layer barrier, to make the screen thinner, reducing the thickness of the overall phone.


Screen flat cable and the joint of the motherboard are fixed by the sheetmetal and screws, which perfectly ensure that stability of the device.


In order to reduce the internal heat, the Le2 bezel metal plate is covered with a large piece of foam, which is conducive to insulation on LCD screen.


Screen module touch chip close-up. Using Synaptics S332UA high-performance multi-touch input solutions.


The mid-frame and metal back cover is connected by screws, the main chip position inside the metal frame, all covered with thermal silicone grease.


Inside the fuselage, the Le2 uses relatively mainstream three-stage design, which sets aside more space for the battery storehouse.


In the bottom of the fuselage, USB Type-C port is a big highlight of the Le 2, in addition to Type-C headphone, the port uses USB3.1 standard, data transmission speed is faster, while also supports Le flash charging function, charging power up to 24W.


In the bottom of the fuselage,there are microphone, unibody loudspeaker. At the same time, we can also note the antenna RF receiver.


The battery is fixed on the metal bezel with seamless tara gum, which is conducive to replace the battery or maintain the phone.


In the battery, the Le2 uses a 11.5Wh 3000mAh lithium ion polymer battery.


In the camera, the Le2 is equipped with 8.0MP front+16.0MP rear camera, while the rear camera is with F/2.0 large aperture, support for PDAF.


The Le2 motherboard chip shield on the back are covered with graphite stickers, which can play an important role on heat dissipation. At the same time, the fingerprint recognition chip at the back cover of the fuselage is fixed on the the back of the motherboard with foam rubber.


Fingerprint recognition chip close-up. This time, the Le2 adopts brand-new upgraded fingerprint module, while still uses mirror design.


The part of Le2 chip shield directly uses the unibody design directly welding on the motherboard.(As shown in the image above)




Through the above teardown, we can see that the Le 2 is due to use incell screen, there is no touch layer obstructing, the screen module thickness is thinner, which also reduce the thickness of the overall phone. At the same time, in a narrow space, in order to ensure the stability of the device and good heat dissipation, the Le2 made a number of detail processing.

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