OPPO Find 9 may release in June with 6GB RAM+4K display, rumor says

OPPO Find 9 may release in June with 6GB RAM+4K display, rumor says

China smartphone maker OPPO recently released new products of its R series, OPPO R9 and R9 Plus. Although they have very excellent specs and performance, none of them is the real annual flagship. The high-end series is its Find series and the last product was OPPO Find 7 in 2014, it’s been 2 months now, but the new generation flagship still does not come yet. And OPPO seems to be really focused on this annual flagship OPPO Find 9 which is said to come in June.

OPPO Find 9

Some information about OPPO Find 9 already leaked before, revealing that the phone will feature Snapdragon 820 processor with 6GB of RAM. Now, according to the latest source, OPPO Find 9 will be officially released in June, but the detailed release date isn’t disclosed.


As the annual flagship, OPPO Find 9 is very likely to sport top specs. From the information revealed, OPPO
Find 9 would run Snapdragon 820 processor, along with 6GB RAM+128GB ROM internal storage. Now, it is said OPPO Find 9 will be also equipped with a 4K display on the front. Rumor from the Microblog says Lenovo and OPPO may make a smartphone with 4K display. It is reasonable OPPO Find 9 will pack 4K display.

OPPO Find 9 may also adopt some advanced technologies from the company, including VOOC Super Flash Charge and SmartSensor image stabilization technology. Sure, these are just possibilities, we may need more information revealing by the company itself.

OPPO Find 9 is also rumored to be priced at 3998 Yuan, around $615. That’s the real high-end flagship
costs, quite expensive. What specs are you expecting with this price tag?


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