Xiaomi Mi Max Hands-on experience: Impressive battery life

Xiaomi Mi Max Hands-on experience: Impressive battery life

A week ago, the Xiaomi Mi Max with 6.44 inch display was officially released. This may be the first 6.44 inch screen phone of Xiaomi, however, it is not the first in the mobile industry. 3 years ago, Sony has released the Xperia Z Ultra XL39h with a 6.44 inch display. Back then, the phone was also the first Snapdragon 800- powered device. Mi Max is a totally new series pf Xiaomi. No matter from its naming or the company’s advertising, the screen size is the most significant highlight of this device.

Well, Xiaomi Mi Max does have a brilliant display. But the phone wasn’t equipped with top-specs, it is
powered by Snapdragon 650 with 3GB RAM+32GB ROM/64GB ROM and Snapdragon 652 with 4GB RAM+128GB ROM. So technically speaking, Mi Max is a mid-range smartphone for large-screen phone lovers. The screen size is its main highlight and selling point. Today, we will walk you through the hands-on experience of Mi Max to see how it impresses us.

Xiaomi Mi Max

About the large screen

Xiaomi has made some sacrifice for this large screen. As we know the grip is a quite tricky problem for
large-screen smartphones, in order to make the Mi Max as much comfortable for one-handed operation as
possible, Xiaomi highly increased the screen-to-body ration and even discarded the traditional logo on the
front. In this way, except for the 2.5D glass and the symmetric design on the front, there is no obvious
Xiaomi brand element on the front. Meanwhile, the large screen on the front and the narrow parts above and under it deliver very strong visual compact. What also has visual compact is the black screen frame.

Xiaomi Mi Max Xiaomi Mi Max Xiaomi Mi Max

To make it perfectly fits the palm, the back is curved as well. Even though, the large screen still makes it
not that smooth or convenient to swipe or touch while holding with one hand. The full metal back cover
reminds us of Redmi Note 3’s design. The good point is the Fingerprint ID is well placed, not inconvenient at all.

Xiaomi Mi Max

As for the portability, a lot of users would definitely doubt it before buying. Xiaomi CEO has spent many time to explain how portable the Mi Max can be. And based on the experience, Xiaomi Mi Max does can be put in the pocket of your trousers. It’s just not that easy to take it out. In the mean time, the phone’s weight is well controlled, you won’t feel pressure after a long time grip.

Xiaomi Mi Max

Xiaomi Mi Max’s resolution is 1080p. With the same resolution, larger screen gets lower PPI. The visual experience Xiaomi Mi Max’s display offers is not that exquisite as those smaller-screen 1080p smartphones. However, it is pretty clear enough for human eyes.

Battery life test with the large screen

Screen is the most power-consuming component of a smartphone. With a larger screen, there is another concern of consumers the product need to eliminate, which is the battery life. Xiaomi Mi Max is embedded with a 4850mAh battery. At the launch event, the CEO also emphasized that its battery life was better than iPhone. We chose the 5.5 inch Meizu M3 Note with 4100mAh battery as the object of conference to test Xiaomi Mi Max’s battery life on video playing.

Xiaomi Mi Max vs Meizu M3 Note


Both phones were playing 720p online videos with the highest brightness. After around 1 hour, Meizu M3 Note was obviously giving out heat, while Xiaomi Mi Max was handling well on heat consumption.

Play the 720p online video with 100% of power from 10:20 to 11:40, Xiaomi Mi Max consumed just 8% of the power and Meizu M3 Note has 85% of power left. And the difference were increasing as the playing time got longer.


From the battery life and video playing experience, Xiaomi Mi Max did put a lot of efforts to make sure the
enough power for long-time playing and meanwhile, guarantee the temperature control while gripping.

Photo shooting

Photo shooting has become one of the most important functions of smartphones. Although the camera is not the key selling point of Mi Max, the phone still packs very excellent camera specs, 5MP front camera+16MP main camera. The imaging quality of Xiaomi Mi Max doesn’t reduce, on the opposite, it is pretty prominent.

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Xiaomi Mi Max is a very feature-packed smartphone. And according to the preservation orders, this is a quite successful move of the company. It also means that the large-screen smartphone market is very potential. However, the strategy of not making the Mi Max a flagship device as Mi 5 is confused to use. While on the other hand, the large-screen Mi Max did achieve very decent sales. Is the Xiaomi Mi Max your ideal device to use?


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