Using large screen+ a small fuselage: Nubia Z11 Max has a stunning screen-to-body ratio

Using large screen+ a small fuselage: Nubia Z11 Max has a stunning screen-to-body ratio

In 2016, 4.0-inch iPhone SE led the trend once again, many phone manufacturers also seized the opportunity to launch some small-screen new phones, one of which included Nubia Z11 mini. However, Nubia did not completely bet small-screen phone, its large-screen phone Nubia Z11 Max is upcoming. Today, Nubia smartphone general manager Ni Fei exposed a major highlight of this new phone– up to 83.27% screen-to-body ratio.


In general, the users have a passion for the stunning visual impact of the large-screen phone, while nubia Z11 Max uses a 6.0-inch FHD giant screen naturally not disappoint. In addition, it is worth mentioning that, Nubia Z11 Max will not only ensure a large screen experience, but it will also use a small fuselage. Ni Fei revealed, Nubia Z11 Max will have up to 83.27% screen-to-body ratio. As a contrast, iPhone 6s Plus uses a 5.5-inch screen, its fuselage size are 158.2×77.9×7.3mm, but its screen-to-body ratio is 67%.


Ni Fei released the latest rendering pictures of Nubia Z11 Max, the phone indeed has a good appearance design. But it seems that the phone did not use border-less design. And according to the recent reports, Nubia Z11 Max was confirmed to adopt a bezel-less design, two new phones are upcoming, which one will you be more look forward?

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