Xiaomi Mi Note2 is expected to be released in August, With 6GB RAM/Snapdragon823 processor

Xiaomi Mi Note2 is expected to be released in August, With 6GB RAM/Snapdragon823 processor

Xiaomi flagship phones this year, in addition to Xiaomi Mi5 published in the end of February, the most important product in the second half of the year may be Xiaomi Mi Note 2 . Earlier, it was rumored that Xiaomi Mi Note2 will be released in July, or August, the latest news also confirm this rumor.


According to the sources revealed, from now until the release of Xiaomi Mi Note2 has been less than three months. On the configuration, the phone will use 6GB RAM, the processor will choose to use more powerful Snapdragon823. Given that Snapdragon820 chip has now begun to a lot of supply, so the upcoming Xiaomi Mi Note 2 will be equipped with Snapdragon823 is not surprising.

However, these users who expect Xiaomi Mi Note2 to use metal body may be disappointed. Because Xiaomi Mi Note2 still inherits the previous-generation glass body, which is very likely to be the same as Xiaomi Mi5, there is ceramic body version, to enhance the level of appearance of the phone. At the same time, the sources also indicated, Xiaomi Mi Note2 won’t also use curved screen, due to considering the cost factor, the curved screen version may be released solely. In addition, it is alleged that Xiaomi notebook computer is expected to show up along with the phone.

Earlier it was rumored that Xiaomi Mi Note2 will adopt 5.7-inch screen, and support pressure touch and ultrasonic fingerprint recognition. As for more specific info, we may still need to wait for some time.

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