Bombshell !LeTV New product with Snapdragon 821 processor /8GB RAM 23 MP rear camera , increasing two versions of Red / Blue

Bombshell !LeTV New product with Snapdragon 821 processor /8GB RAM 23 MP rear camera , increasing two versions of Red / Blue

The phone manufactures faces to a big challenge for the configuration of Android flagship phone starts from 6GB RAM+64GB ROM. However, the news expressed that LeTV is going to launch a new product loaded Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 processor, higher as 8GB RAM, which is the top level in Android phones series. What’s more, it is reported that this new product will be offered more colors.


A few days ago, the pictures leaked that LeTV will add two colors of Red and Blue.Furthermore, it is very similar with the latest product LeTV Max 2.

As we all know that the top level memory is 6GB by Android phone,and it is not widely used, meanwhile, LeTV new product is set to be challenged 8GB RAM,  which is worth expecting for us.


LeTV Max 2 designed in without ID frame screen, the appearance is really excellent. For the hardware details that loaded Snapdragon 820 processor with 6GB RAM +64GB ROM, provided dual cameras of 8MP front camera and 16MP rear camera. It also with a high price- ratio in 2499 yuan .

In the meantime, LeTV has changed 3.5mm earphone port into Type-C port, which did before iPhone taking in this method. Supporting new standard CDLA digital video, as well as supporting Ultrasonic metal fingerprint scanner technology, and QC 3.0+ PD dual quick charge treaty, playing a good performance in lifspan.


LeTV not only afforded Snapdragon 821 processor and 8GB RAM,but also with 23MP rear camera, the shooting functionality is worth expecting.

Moreover, it is said that the new product of LeTV will pricing at 3000 yuan, obviously, the competitive partner will be iPhone.

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