Huawei P9 /P9 Plus review a global significant sales which more than 2.6 billion units

Huawei P9 /P9 Plus review a global significant sales which more than 2.6 billion units

In April,Huwei had first released its high- end phone Huawei P9 /P9 Plus in UK, which equipped with Leica dual cameras+ Kirin 955 processor that success attract the attentions form the domestic and overseas users. Over the past of two months, Huawei Official announced that Huawei P9 / P9 Plus still get a great scores, which result in the shipments more than 2.6 billion units in global.

For the details, Huawei P9 /P9 Plus got a high performance especially in China, France, Finland ,and UK. Within a week for the first released, online reservation to Chinese market more than 5 million units .However, the overseas sales is 130% higher than Huawei P8; in UK ,the sales are triple higher than Huawei P8, In Poland and Finland, sales are quadruple or above of Huwei P8, in France, the sales are more than ten times of Huawei P8.

Huawei has made plenty of efforts to Huawei P9, not only the body design, but also the marketing cost lots of money, concentrate on inviting Henry Cavill and Scarlett Johansson as the Spokesperson. In the first quarter of 2016, the shipments Huawei P9 reached to 28.30 billion units in global, increased by 64% compared with last year of this time. In point of view, Huawei P9 /P9 Plus really made a significant contribution to the sales.

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