Xiaomi Note2 is upcoming, which one will you chose ,Xiaomi Note 2 or Xiaomi 5

Xiaomi Note2 is upcoming, which one will you chose ,Xiaomi Note 2 or Xiaomi 5

Xiaomi 5 has been on the market for several  months, in currently, the standard version and the high specs version are available for order, but the luxury version is still out of stock. However, Xiaomi Official released a poster that mean be related the rumor Xiaomi Note2.


Since last January Xiaomi Note launched to up date , although it without fingerprint identification, which makes Xiaomi technology found its own designing style. In terms of the appearance , Xiaomi 5 is the small version of Xiaomi Note apparently. According to the speculate, there is no big difference between the upcoming Xiaomi Note 2 and Xiaomi5, that can be said as the enlarge version of Xiaomi5.



Takes the angle from the screen, in addition to release curved screen version , Xiaomi Note 2 maybe walk the old way of using 5.7 inch display. It is said that Xiaomi Note2 will excess than Xiaomi5 in the aspects of the performance and the workmanship. Furthermore, it is concerned to be 2699Yuan of Xiaomi 5, which of Xiaomi Note2 is expected to price at 3500-4000 Yuan.

If you are not interest of the big screen, keep on selecting Xiaomi5, if like the big screen, please await for Xiaomi Note 2 in patiently. So which one would you like?

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