How to Replace Xiaomi Mi5 Cracked LCD Screen?

How to Replace Xiaomi Mi5 Cracked LCD Screen?

In recent years, the domestic mobile phone brand Xiaomi is growing rapidly, due to its cheap price and high cost performance, Xiaomi series phone is quite popular, especially its Xiaomi Mi4 sold very well. However, today we will introduce another Xiaomi device, namely Xiaomi Mi5, as you already know, Xiaomi Mi5 has been listed for several months, as for its specs, we are already quite familiar, here we did not want to repeatedly introduce the performance of Xiaomi Mi5. Today what we want to do is to  disassemble the phone, and then taught you how to replace a broken Xiaomi Mi5 screen!201512061449366176591

Xiaomi Mi5 screen

According to Xiaomi Mi5 configuration, Xiaomi Mi5 standard version uses IPS LCD screen. But Xiaomi Mi5 high-end version will adopt AMOLED Display. In addition, it is worth mentioning that Xiaomi Mi5 is also the world’s first Snapdragon820-powered smartphone.

OK, let’s get to the point.

Xiaomi Mi5 Teardown and replace screen tutorial


Screwdrivers, Tweezers, Pry bar, Suction Cup, Ejector Pin, Heat gun or Hair dryer


First of all, before the teardown, you need to use the card pin to remove the SIM card slot on the side of the fuselage, as shown in the image.



Starting from removing the back cover. Xiaomi Mi5 uses double-sided glass+ metal bezel design, wherein, Xiaomi Mi5 glass back cover adopted a snap-in type design, its disassembly is relatively easy, you just need to use the Suction Cup to pull up the back shell, and then the back cover can be easily removed, as the pictures shows.



Removing the internal screws. After easily removed the back cover, you can see Xiaomi Mi5 internal battery and protection mid-frame, next step, we need to remove the fixed screws on the protection mid-frame, as shown in the image.


It is worth mentioning that, since the antenna stent is fixed by “screws and buckle bit”, is divided into two kinds of screws, so when you removed the screws, you need to use two kinds of specifications of the phillips screwdriver, here we need to take note. In addition, here there is one screw with fragile stickers, if complete this operation, which means that the phone will lose the free warranty service.

After removing the screws, we can easily tear down the protection module, and then you can see the Xiaomi Mi5 motherboard, as shown below.



Disconnecting the power and motherboard cable, and disconnect the other cable, and then remove the fixing screws on the motherboard, then you can disassemble the upper part of the motherboard.




Removing the small module of the bottom(including the speaker, vibration motor, fingerprint module, antenna, etc.), thus here you need to continue to remove the fixing screws on the small module of the bottom, it is important to note that, here is also divided into two kinds of specifications of screws, when using a screwdriver, we need to pay attention.



Remove the battery. After the widget on the bottom was removed, then you can remove the battery, and the specific steps are as follows. First, use your hand to pull up the left-hand plastic handle, as shown below.



Now we can remove the battery, with a hair dryer or screen separator to separate the screen and then replaced a new screen to complete screen replacement, as a whole, Xiaomi Mi5 screen replacement is not very difficult, if interested, you can try it!

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