The Mid –Range Flagship Huawei G9 Plus featured a 5.5 inches FHD negative LCD screen with Snapdragon 625 processor

The Mid –Range Flagship Huawei G9 Plus featured a 5.5 inches FHD negative LCD screen with Snapdragon 625 processor

Huawei Mate series has a strong performance in the high-end market, as well as the mid-range, just like Huawei G9 series as the mid-range product, which got a good praise from the users, the reason is because of the Brand Premium and the quality. However, Huawei G9 Plus is the representative of G series.
Huawei G9 Plus has Officially released in Beijing 1+1 Art Center in August 18, which is aim at redefining as the Mid- range of high quality, amazing body on 5.5 inches screen, the latest generation CPU ,and the constantly outstanding performance shows on the endurance and the Pro lens.
Huawei G9 Plus featured a 5.5 inches FHD negative LCD screen, in which of the character including the high contrast, the higher color gamut, and 16LED light brings the higher brightness, so the whole screen gives the sense of the positive color, and permeability, also with a high viewing angle. 5.5 inches screen is the standard configuration flagship level, adding 2.5D glass into Huawei G9 Plus to make the overall screen shows the curved effect, with outstanding visual. Moreover, the filter out blue light, the automatic adjustment backlight brightness for the eye-protection mode also be its standard configuration.



What’s more, there also comes a very practical functionality, that is using Nanocoating special waterproof treatment on the earphone, USB, card tray, and pressing key port, which can realize the simple waterproof in daily for the most of users, although it can’t be put into water.
Huawei G9 Plus while loaded 3340mAh battery capacity, using Snapdragon 625 processor, this processor makes into 14nm LPP craft to improve 42% of performance and reduce 35% power consumption compared with the previous generation.
From the software optimization angle, EMUI 4.1 version has updated the intellectual power 4.0 to accomplish the real control for the power consumption. Therefore, 3340mAh battery capacity + Snapdragon 625 processor+ intellectual power 4.0 both bring about the balance between the performance and the power consumption, via the real testing, it with 1.5 days standby time in the condition of the heavy use.
Look at the other important function: The security function around the fingerprint identification to start, since the fingerprint developing up to date, which has growth the single fast unlocked to the important measure of ensuring the phone’s safe, the document encryption, mobile payment are included. Combine with the EMUI internal protection, and anti-thief function, which comes into being a good machine in the inside system, even in the case of the phone lose, the data in your phone can not be opened, even can remotely delete.
The fingerprint identification of Huawei G9 Plus can select 3D fingerprint information, no matter at any angle you unclock that can be recognized efficiently, but with faster speed. Compared wit the other brand, the fingerprint application of Huawei is diversified all the time.

The fingerprint payment function can enter into the Alipay interface directly via the specific fingerprint on the conditions of the screen can’t be shown status.
Huawei G9 Plus offers dual cameras of 8MP front camera and 16MP rear camera of Sony IMX298 lens, 6P aspheric lens, with F2.0 aperture, 28mm wide-angle, also equipped with three -axis optical image stabilization+ ( PDAF + CAF), max supports to 4K level on the recording video aspect.


There are the pictures samples




As a product positioning at the mid-range flagship, the more balance product strength seems to be easily get the close attention from the users, while Huawei G9 Plus be on line with the pricing from the hardware basic to the software application. The users group whom pay more attention to have a experience to purchase in the store, in which of the Huawei G9 Plus’s character is more perceived from the consumers. You are worth having this type.


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