LeTV Eco Le Max2 VS Xiaomi Mi5 with MIUI8 , Which one would you prefer

LeTV Eco Le Max2 VS Xiaomi Mi5 with MIUI8 , Which one would you prefer

The two Snapdragon 820 flagships of LeTV Le Max2 and Xiaomi Mi5 have released for a period of time. Not long ago, Qualcomm launched the full new Snapdragon 821 processor, to a certain extent, perhaps it indicates Snapdragon 820 capacity can be fully satisfy the current terminal manufactures’ demands .

The reason why we take these two products as a comparison, that because the potential users is more tend to care about the performance. However, as a matter of fact, both of them adopt the top-level Snapdragon 820 processor, so how is the difference on the reality experience, let’s  share with the passage as below.

It is really obvious that there is a difference on the out-looking, in which Le Max is 0.5 inches than Mi5, both are divided into 5.7 inches and 5.2 inches.
Look around on the back, Le Max2 design in full metal, while Mi5 used arc glass, as you can see that the camera of Le Max 2 is bulge, because of the higher pixels.

LeTV regards Eco as the main selling point all the time, also around the video content to constantly improve the EUI users’ experience, the pre-installed EUI5.8 version system base on Android 6.0.1 to deep customize, and the best characteristic is all kinds of the video source that built-in EUI.
The available video application of EUI up to four, which covering LeTV video, LeTV sport, Live desktop, and the desktop slide to right, and each application just need to click three times can appear the video playing page.

The mentality of MIUI is different from EUI direction, in which MIUI with a better localization feature for the users, as well more details.
As for MIUI8, the whole style still design in flat + colorful, the first time to use Xiaomi Lanting Schriftart that designed by its own, however, from the schriftart shape, it can hardly to see the difference from the common. MIUI8 first debut was on Xiami Max’s big screen, by way of bring the better experience on the big screen to the users, MIUI comes to suspended ball function including return to the screen, lock screen, screenshots and so forth, which can also set the  application express into the suspension ball expansion interface.
The rest functions also including dual opening, dual systems, the scan supports translation, sweep the titles, sweep the profiles and so many other application scenarios, in a word, Xiomi put the improvement of MIUI8 into each detail function for a whole.

It can be seen that both of these two systems locates in the different directions, EUI combines with more Eco contents of LeTV, on the contrary, Xiaomi takes the system functionalities to be subtle.

Now that both LeTV Max2 and Xiaomi Mi5 are positioning at flagship, it is naturally the current main steam high-end level on the shooting aspect, separate into 21MP and 16MP rear camera, in terms of the pixel, LeTV Max 2 with more advantage, and now let’s have a look at the actual prospectus between them.
LeTV Le Max2

LeTV Le Max2

12LeTV Max2


LeTV Le Max2


LeTV Le Max2


LeTV Le Max2


LeTV Le Max2

Xiaomi Mi5

Xiaomi Mi5


Xiaomi Mi5


Xiaomi Mi5


Xiaomi Mi5


Xiaomi Mi5


Xiaomi Mi5
From the prospectus, we can see that the different imaging style between them is that LeTV Max2 is more similar with iPhone, the rendering degree is low, more abundant details for the outdoor vision, but Xiaomi Mi5’s camera optimization is more important for the original film color rendering, higher picture saturation, so it gives a better sense of the observation.

They all device in 2.15GHz Snapdragon 820 processor, but the performance optimization on the back cover can play a different effectiveness, to be honest, the performance comparison depend on the processor optimization result.

We use An-Tu-Tu to compare the performance testing link, the final scores of LeTV Max2 is 131101 points, however, Xiaomi Mi5 is 113545 points.
On 3D performance side, Xiaomi Mi5 is far behind than Le Max2 RAM performance, that because 3D performance maybe the reason of GPU performance optimization, Le Max2 running 6GB RAM, but Mi5 operating 3GB RAM.
In order to more objectively reflect the processor performance, we once again use Geekbench to have a test, the mark of An-Tu-Tu is more focus on CPU performance, while Geekbench except the score, also comprehensive the storage hardware performance simultaneously. Surely, the testing performance on Geekbench between them is almost keep the same, but Le Max2 still demanded of a little strength.

For the comparison from all kinds of aspects, it is difficult to distinguish from them, each has its own advantage on the design and the system, Le Max more concentrates on combines with Eco, use its own content to get through with EUI, but Xiaomi constantly improve the users’ experience, adding more details into MIUI system.

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