The Source Cause Explode By Samsung Galaxy Note 7

The Source Cause Explode By Samsung Galaxy Note 7

It is time to year again, people are upgrading the phone to the newest and flesh module, but some customers get a little more frighten for their money. As we know that Samsung Galaxy Note 7 have caused explosion not long before.

At least 90% of users whom purchased Samsung Galaxy Note 7 said the phone is overheat resulting in burning or even getting on fire. Samsung and US Government Consumer Product Safety Commission Official have announced the recall statement for Galaxy Note 7 on sale before Sept 19. It just too dangerous for using this phone because of battery making problem. The battery is made of a positive electrode, a cathode, and a negative electrode anode, these electrodes are connected by a liquid or  a colloidal electrolyte to make the charged particles can move freely. The chemical reaction inside battery produce energy, when electrons or ions move from one electrode to the other, especially, lithium ion battery is a rechargeable battery can be repeated really compact structure, so they are widely used to various electronic products, from cellphone to laptop.



In which the cathode is consist of lithium metal oxide, and the anode is consist of graphite, separated by a thin layer of polymer, which allows lithium-ion reciprocating flow. When charging, lithium ion flows from anode to cathode, while discharge remove backward. Due to the atomic structure of lithium, this battery can store large f energies, which is great for cellphone, but it not great that something goes wrong, like the battery is overcharge, or the isolation between the electrodes is impaired. For example,if the isolation layer perforation will cause a short circuit, because lithium ions walk along with the new path of smallest resistance, short circuit results in accumulation of heat, that create more heat chemical reaction inside the battery, perhaps cause the thermal run away, eventually cause the battery catch fire or even explode .





In the case earlier of Galaxy Note 7, the battery probably overheating because of the manufacturing problem. Samsung thinks that a production area put too much pressure on the battery inside some of the first phones to be manufactured, squeezing the cathode and anode, which caused short circuit and overheating, so the people using their phones or charging normally are suddenly get hurt by overheating batteries.

Basically, the only way to solve this problem is to change the other phone which is not dangerous, that’s the reason why recall.

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