Comparison: Xiaomi Mi Note VS Xiaomi Mi Note 2, 3D curved surface technology gets greatly promoted

Comparison: Xiaomi Mi Note VS Xiaomi Mi Note 2, 3D curved surface technology gets greatly promoted

50 seconds sold out!! Xiaomi Mi Note 2 sales scene is still impressive. At a recent conference, Xiaomi’s CEO Lei Jun said, like the previous-generation Xiaomi Mi Note, the new Xiaomi mi note 2 will continue to use 3D glass design, and the front of Xiaomi mi note 2 will also adopt 3D curved panel, namely so-called double curved screen. Here, we also sent two phones’ comparison pictures, take a look at what are the changes—at the front, the top of xiaomi mi note 2 removed the Mi Logo, because of adding the curved screen, the edge joint looks more natural and compact, while the black side of the screen is also significantly reduced, the visual impact is stronger.


Although the back cover of two phones use the 3D glass, but the craft has also been upgraded, glowing metallic luster, a better perception, it is learned that is because under the glass cover is covered with a layer of special colored reflective material.

On the configuration, from Snapdragon801 to Snapdragon821 can be described as the upgrade of the quality. Considering that Xiaomi Mi note has been less than 1000 yuan, which one do you want to buy?


1. The front of the fuselage, Xiaomi Note series of two products are using 5.7 inches screen with a resolution of 1920*1080p, although Xiaomi Mi Note 2 double curved screen design is not the first time to be used in the market, but this design is the first time to be used for Xiaomi phone.




2.  At the front top of the fuselage, there are the light distance sensor, the receiver and the front camera. Different from Xiaomi Mi Note, the new Xiaomi Mi NOTE 2 removed the Mi Logo from the top left, making the front design more concise.


3. Xiaomi Mi note 2 fuselage front panel and the back of the fuselage are consistent in color and technology, under the indoor light, the fuselage will be slightly pan-blue, showing a beautiful shiny metal-like texture. By contrast, Xiaomi Mi Note uses a relatively common glass panel, bezel with CNC metal cutting process.

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4. At the front bottom of the fuselage, unlike the virtual keys used by Xiaomi Mi note, Xiaomi Mi note 2 uses a pressure type fingerprint recognition button. Different from Xiaomi Mi5 button, this Home button size is more harmonious, looks also more comfortable on the vision.

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5. Although the rear panel of two phones are very similar, but Xiaomi Mi Note 2 fuselage glass cover is not a simple monochrome processing, in different lighting environments will show a different color, with a stronger metal-like texture.



6. Judging from the Note 2 rear shell, the Xiaomi Mi Note 2 seems to use a special lamination process. Under the glass cover is covered with a layer of special colored reflective material, in different lighting, which will show a different color.


7. In the aspect of Camera, Xiaomi Mi note 2 is equipped with a Sony IMX318 sensor, up to 22.56MP, F/2.0 aperture. Compared to Xiaomi Mi Note camera, the new Xiaomi MI Note 2 adds a metal protective ring to reduce the risk of lens wear.

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8. In the UI aspects, both two phones use Xiaomi MIUI, there is no any difference, this time, Xiaomi did not optimize the UI, but adding a NOTE theme which can use sideslipping operation, and the theme can be applied to all Xiaomi phones.


9. Xiaomi Mi Note 2 overall design and workmanship reached a quite high standard, front double curved screen+ rear 3D glass design, making the phone looks quite fascinating. In appearance, Xiaomi Mi Note 2 even subverts the inherent image, is a stronger successor of Xiaomi phones.

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