Huawei Honor 6X vs Xiaomi Redmi Note4, Which one would you prefer

Huawei Honor 6X vs Xiaomi Redmi Note4, Which one would you prefer

Nowadays, various samrtphone come into the market with more and more competitive, and what kind of phone how can we begin, perhaps we can contact our eyes to the phone with thousand pricing. Recently, there are two phones are very hot, one is Huawei Honor 6X, the other one is Xiaomi Redmi Note4. Today, let’s focus on what features do these two phones have.
Honor 6X vs Redmi Note4  
Notice: Honor 6X is taken in this participation is connectivity network of 4GB RAM+64GB ROM, which price at 1599 RMB, and Redmi Note 4 is the top version of 3GB RAM+64GB ROM, that price at 1199RMB.

Appearance With A High Similarity Degree
In point of the out-looking view, both phones look similarity , among of them, the dimension of Honor 6X is 150.9*76.2*8.2mm, while Redmi Note 4 is 151*76*8.35mm, and this time Honor 6X with a narrow black bezel, which is similar with Honor 8.

Each phone’s screen with a 1080 pixels resolution, as the sun screen, either possess sun screen, but with different calling, Redmi called” Sun Screen”, Honor called “ The Sunlight Readability”, in short, with the same meaning. The touching key have their own style, which redmi set the key under the screen, but Honor set it into the screen.
They all used Micro USB port

The left picture is Redmi Note 4 that with a IR port

SIM card comparison( The left is Honor 6X, the right is Redmi Note4)

The pressing key also look similarity, in which including power volume key, earphone jack, as well the same symmetrical design at the bottom, and the loudspeaker on the right side. The difference is that Redmi Note 4 owns IR port, but Honor 6X without. Both of them support all GSM, and higher expansion to 128GB storage space.
The back style also affinity

Honor 6X takes dual lens on the back ( The left picture)
They still used three -stage style, that Redmi Note 4 keeps in antenna, while Honor 6X leave the two areas that not be the metal material on upper and lower. The most significant difference shows that Redmi Note 4 equip with single lens laying in flat panel, Honor 6X with dual lens laying in protruding panel. Redmi Note 4 matches with dual color temperature fill light, however, Honor 6X just has a color temperature fill light, adding living software as well as.

MIUI / EMUI have their own advantages   
For MIUI / EMUI, most of the people well know them, in which the previous one has more than a billion users and a long history.


Redmi Note 4 for comparison is directly pre- install the latest MIUI 8.0 system, also adding the full new application dual opens, to achieve open two Wechat accounts chatting at the same time, also QQ or blog.

Honor 6 still use EMUI 4.1 system, on condition of the students mode, the parents can set the APP time, but can not amend the time, enter into the developer mode or even can not download APP as if not input the password by themselves, what’s more, you can also filter the harmful information by keyword filtering way. And what coincidence, Honor 6X also added now living of APP that be subsidiary of Tencent.

Honor 6X dual cameras play a good performance  
Honor 6X affords a 2MP front camera and 12MP rear camera that plunking for big aperture mode, when shooting you can adjust the aperture from f/0.95 to f /16. Redmi Note 4 has a 13MP rear camera supports PDAF.

The picture of Honor 6X

The picture of Redmi Note 4

The picture of Honor 6X

The picture of Redmi Note 4

The picture of Honor 6X

The picture of Redmi Note 4

The picture of Honor 6X

The picture of Redmi Note 4

Endurance: Honor 6X is more energy saving  
Taking these two phone for two hours testing, in which the testing project including online video, microblog browsing, online music player and pure standby, among of them, online music and microblog browsing testing in 20 minutes, pure standby in 60 minutes.



After two hours testing, Honor 6X with 89% power, and Redmi Note 4 with 87% power, but the battery capacity of Honor 6X is 3340mAh, Redmi Note 4 is 4100mAh, which shows Honor 6X is more better than Redmi Note4 on endurance.
Honor 6X built-in octa- core Kirin 655 processor with eight A53, four 2.1GHz + four 1.7GHz, and equip with the lowest power consumption i5 protocol processor ensuring motion detection to achieve full-time standby. Redmi Note 4 carry 2.1GHz ten -core MTK Helio X20, and the GPU is Mali T880.

Use the Antutu newest version, Geekbench 3, and 3D Mark for testing, from the testing it obviously show that ten -core MTK Helio X20 is in the front compared with Kirin 655.

The above is the comparison for these two phones, each has their own strengths, for which type will be chosen depends on you, after all the price is quite reasonable.

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