Repair Guide: How to take apart Meizu X smartphone?

Repair Guide: How to take apart Meizu X smartphone?

At the end of November, Meizu released a new product that belongs to the blue charm series, called as Meizu X, the phone uses a double-sided 2.5D glass design, making the phone look super premium. In addition, the phone comes with the Helio P20 chipset(MT6757), which will make it become the first phone from an established international manufacturer using this processor.The chip is manufactured on a 16nm process and comes with octa-core architecture with max clock speed of 2.3GHz.The chip looks promising as MediaTek has claimed that offers 40% more performance and reduces power consumption by 60%. So the overall performance of the phone is quite excellent. But today what we want to do is not to repeatedly state the success of Meizu X, but offer you Meizu X complete disassemble review, let us take a look at the interior design of Meizu X.

Meizu X uses a double-sided glass body design, the body exterior does not have screws, the body glass backboard uses stickers fixed, so before removing the glass backboard, you need to heat with a heat gun, in order to smoothly separate the glass backboard from the fuselage.

After heating with a heat gun, using Suction Cup to pull up the glass backboard, but you must be careful, otherwise it is easy to damage the glass backboard.

After removing the glass backboard, we can see the Meizu blue charm X internal structure. Inside the fuselage uses commonly three-stage design, the battery is located in the middle, the upper part of the battery is the motherboard, underneath the battery is a small circuit board.

Motherboard part, we can see the Meizu X motherboard is fixed by a large number of screws, while with shielding case and plastic plate protection, this design can maximize to protect the motherboard when the phone accidentally fall or subject to external impact.

Similarly, the small circuit board on the bottom is also protected by the plastic plate, it is worth mentioning that the Meizu X speakers are also integrated in the plastic protective plate, in the next dismantling, we will see it.

After unscrew the screws, we can successfully remove this piece of plastic plate, Meizu X small circuit board is fixed to the fuselage, the demolition is very difficult.

On the small circuit board at the bottom, there is only 3.5mm headphone jack components easy to remove.

Compared to the small circuit board, Meizu X motherboard is relatively easy to dismantle, after unscrew the screws and remove the plastic protective plate, the motherboard can be removed smoothly.

In this picture, we can see the core components of Meizu X and the main chip. Blue: 5.0MP front-facing camera; Purple: light/distance sensor; Green: 12.0MP Sony IMX386 sensor main lens; Red: Mediatek Helio P20 chip; Yellow: memory chips; White: power management chip; Sky Blue: Audio chip.

On the motherboard, what we can dismantle are two cameras, the left side is 12.0MP Sony IMX386 sensor main lens, the right side is 5.0MP front facing lens.

Meizu X battery capacity is 3200mAh, supports mCharge safe fast charging, peak power up to 18W, fast charging, battery life is good.

Finally, let us have a look at all components of Meizu X.Through the disassemble, we can see the Meizu X is very sincere in the aspects of workmanship and materials, and even comparable to some brands of high-end models, it is clear that Meizu has put a good deal of effort into the new phone. Meizu X, as the first smartphone using Mediatek Helio P20 chipset, not only uses double-sided 2.5D curved glass but also have a excellent appearance design, how can such a product not be welcomed by users?


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