Huawei Honor Magic Tear Down  Review

Huawei Honor Magic Tear Down Review

Huawei Honor Magic is a type of phone with artificial intelligence system functionality, which has been sold obtaining plenty of users’ favors. Today, I will share the tear down about this phone with you.

First of all, let’s look at the out- looking , it featured a 5.09 inch 2K AMOLED screen with eight curved glass designing, providing a comfortable hands feelings.

Taking the angle from configuration, Honor Magic equips with Kirin 950 processor running 4GB memory +64GB internal storage. It is worth mentioning that the front facing and rear camera are average set into dual lens, in which the front facing afford 8MP of IR lens + RGB lens, while the rear camera affords 12MP, what’s more, its battery capacity is 2900mAh, also supports for Magic Live. Another thing should be said is the price, which sales on 3699 RMB.

Now, let’s begin to disassemble
Before undo it, the first thing we need to do is to power off, and checking whether the screen covered with protector, if not, please attach a layer of protective film.

Step1: Remove the card tray 
Use the niddle to remove out the car tray at the bottom of the phone.

Step2: Separate the battery cover

Using the hot air gun to heat for the bottom of battery cover about two minutes, in which the temperature control in 80 ℃.

Utilizing the double- sided sucker to suck up the battery cover, using disassemble card to plug into battery cover( The insertion depth can not be exceeded 2cm), according to the illustrate direction to separate battery cover, finally use your finger peel of the battery cover.
Step 3 : Remove the whole screws  
Using Phillips screwdriver to remove the whole screws as shown in the picture,

Step 4 : Remove main CAM bracket
Using tweezers to undo the main camera bracket

Step 5: Graphite Sheet bracket  
Tear up the graphite sheet from the right corner to motherboard, then remove the motherboard.

Step 6: Remove the camera BTB steel sheet  
Using the metal tweezers to undo camera BTB steel sheet.

Step 7: Remove Sound cavity Box
Tear down from the upper of sound cavity box, first to open the upper buckle, and then removing it from the right side.

Step 8: Dismount the earphone rubber cover
Using the plastic tweezers picking rubber cover up to upward push, and removing it.

Step 9: Dismantle BTB connector
Utilizing the blade to open the battery BTB, LCD BTB, headset block FPC BTB, the main FPC BTB, side key BTB, small board battery BTB, and headset block BTB.

Step 10: Dismount headset block, and opening fingerprint BTB
Using plastic tweezers to disassemble headset block, and removing headset block FPC. Utilize the blade to open the fingerprint BTB.

Step 11: Dismount the filling bracket on motherboard

Step 12: Using the plastic tweezers to remove coaxial line

Step 13: Using the plastic tweezers to undo the motherboard

Step 14: Remove small board  
First to use hand annotation to undo the two screws, then using pointed metal tweezers to remove the small board. Be carefully removing it from diagonally upward, don’t damage the main FPC and fingerprint FPC.

Step 15: Dismantle Camera
Using the blade to respectively open main camera, front camera, IR camera BTB connector, and removing them.

All the above is the disassemble processing


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