iPhone 7/iPhone 7 Plus luxurious phone protective case: starting from $349!!

iPhone 7/iPhone 7 Plus luxurious phone protective case: starting from $349!!

If you are willing to provide a very luxurious phone shell for your iPhone, perhaps you will love this latest product coming from Element, specially designed for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. It is said that the price of this phone shell starts from $349, although it is not the most expensive iPhone phone shell on the market, but this is also enough to make a lot of friends with limited budget feel pant.


Because of its well-designed and excellent quality, Element company’s products have always had a good reputation. This phone shell is named as “Samurai sword”, and its design inspiration is also derived from Samurai sword. It is the designer with a special steel forging into the “blade”, and then carefully designed, for our iPhone to bring an excellent protection.

Each mobile phone shell is made of a solid stainless steel block, it need to go through more than five hours of “carving” on the CNC machine tools, then, in order to prevent hand slipping, Element added a layer of hardwood panels on its surface, and around the edge added leather, when we grasp the iPhone phone, we will get the ultimate hand feel, it is like a samurai sword coupled with a scabbard.

Because the entire manufacturing process is very complex, so Element launched this “Samurai sword” phone shell is very limited.

So how is the quality of this phone shell? Rest assured, it already went through a very harsh drop test, it is really like a warrior, will well protect our iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

More iPhone 7/iPhone 7 Plus protective case: http://vifocal.com/catalogsearch/result/?q=iphONE


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